Where is the Love for Carl Crawford

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    Re: Where is the Love for Carl Crawford

    I now want to adopt Carl, who still made the most famous on-air line I've ever heard when he was the MVP of the All-Star Game...On meeting the President before the game, "Oh, it was a great to meet Osama Bomb"....I played it back about 15 times, had my wife verify it, and that's how he butchered Obama's name. Funniest thing ever. I love you Carl Crawford!!!
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    Re: Where is the Love for Carl Crawford

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    Carnie and Jim .... I'll go for the two-fer ... Jim... "Great job, Yaz.  I never saw that.  I have been taking days off from the forum because the negativity is just too much sometimes.  I am known as the supreme optimist at work so the bashfest that I read here is just moronic.  As you said, CC has been a model guy.  He struggled and came out of it.  Is that not what Sox fans love about their guys.  I know he got a ton of money but contrary to what many want to believe, he could have gotten that cash anywhere.  He WANTED to be here.  He chose this vortex and we bash him for it.  It is just freaking madness as far as I'm concerned." Carnie  "Carl Crawford will be our Roberto Clemente. Write it down and quote me on it.    Pleased to call you Sox fans ...helps balance the monotony of the harsh dudes.  I don't even pay attention to the NYY trolls anymore.  I do mean the trolls, because there are reasonable NYY fans posting here.  (That's almost as big a conundrum as reasonable Sox fans.     Ha!)     Jim, your optimism is highly merited.  I don't remember which of our brothers said it but we ARE in the RED SOX Golden era ... It doesn't mean we bring home the brass ring each season, but we are DEFINITELY reaching for it each year and have been since 2003.   Carnie, I just hope our Clemente doesn't perish in an untimely fashion. BTW, if we are talking about the humanitarian/philanthripoic part of Clemente, our new power star is all that.  He is a tireless do-gooder. We are fortunate, indeed!  
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    Yup I said this is the Golden age.  My mom is my guide.  She lived through all the pain starting in the 40's.  So, if she says it is the golden age, then it is.  I could not be happier.  I enjoy every game because I know the team will leave it all on the field and give me a shot to win it all every year.  I am quite comfortable that they WON'T win it all every year.  I don't look at that as failure, unlike many.
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    Re: Where is the Love for Carl Crawford


           Tireless do-gooder, SY?  Some may spin that as bleeding-heart lefty if they have an axe to grind.  They would be right (I'm mean, correct) about the lefty part. 

    As far as my "love" for CC is concerned, I neither love nor hate the man.  I don't know him at all.  He does wear a Red Sox uniform however, and the there is a lot of money invested in him, so I guess I'll root for him to perform well and neither idolize nor villify the man.

       Appropriate and accepted.

       It is a cardinal position of mine to support any Red Sox.  Lugo pushed gthe envelope due to alledged wife beating or whatever.  Jack Clark way long ago was hard for me to take.  But not cuz he became a Sox, more cuz the FO thought he would help us (the Sox).  At $3 million a year or whatever that was a costly error.

       Hey, does that sound like some posters here or what?  I was a kid then ... I've grown up a little and don't blame the players for FO decisions.  I also got away from yell AT anyone but the opposition.

       Adrian is a bona-fide do-gooder, btw.  He's not interested in making a name for himself in philanthropy, just helping people.

        Love, btw, comes with at least four definitions I could enter here, and the lightest of them easily includes loving CC.   :o)

         I don't know hin either, but I thoroughly enjoy the information I've gained in reading about him.  

      Be well, my friend!!!

      Break is over, so the PC goes away .....