Where's Carp?!

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    Re: Where's Carp?!

    Carp played on June 27.  But he's been dealing with a hamstring issue or you would have seen him more lately, I think.

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    Re: Where's Carp?!

    Carp was getting playing time when Victorino was hurt. Now that Victorino is back and Nava is ahead of him on the depth chart versus RHP, his only opportunites will come in late innings and when Farrell wants to give Napoli a rest.....he has done well this year, but that is his role.

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    Re: Where's Carp?!

    Can't get run for Money Mike.  This is the kind of problem I love the Red Sox to have.

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    Re: Where's Carp?!

    There was a Carp sighting in the second game of the Padres series; two hits and scored the tie run in the 4 th.

    I think the Sox have to be looking hard at Carp to determine if he is the 1 B next season if they don't resign Nap. OR Could they keep Carp and platoon him at 1 B with someone like Jonny "Walk-Off?"

    Or do they trade for Michael Young and sign him for two years, at Gomes money,  to platoon with Carp and as a back-up in the infield?

    I do like Carp and I have liked him for a few years. Hard not to like  his bat and he hasn't done anything bad with the glove.

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    Re: Where's Carp?!

    Young is an overpaid no-glove prima donna who has refused to play DH, complains publicly if not in the lineup every day,  has no power, and is on the downslope of his career.

    Carp is paid the minimum, has great power, not much glove but can play left field, and apparently has a good attitude.

    Carp is excellent bench depth, probable starter at first base for 2014, and I project him as Ortiz' long term replacement as DH.     Look at Carp's career & timing of development numbers, overall resemblance to Ortiz but one year later at each stage is uncanny.

    Ben C, PLEASE avoid Mike Young. Ask Ron Washington about him.