With so much talk[whether true or not] about Valentine and the state of the team and some key player's not liking him, it brings about a couple of questions:

1. Would or should the Sox make a decision or change during the current season,

2. Who would replace him /> Would it be a present coach on the staff, someone in the organization, or  someone outside the organization?

3. Who would we the fans like to see?

4. I would say Valentine is safe for the remainder of 2012, but is he really safe and will he manage in 2013?

5. If he makes it thru the season, is this now a lost season, do the player's that don't seem to be fond of him really bust their backs and try to win this season, knowing that getting a playoff spot this year might bring Valentine back for 2013?

6. If Valentine is back for 2013, will we see major player's [Pedroia, Beckett, Lester, Ellsbury, Ortiz, Crawford etc]  back in 2013?