Why are people so shocked by these free agent signings?

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    Re: Why are people so shocked by these free agent signings?

    Not really. Who was going to give Napoli more than a 3 year contract? Victorino? Those guys really didn't have a lot of suitors. He probably could have gone two years on Victorino and less money on Napoli.

    They clearly overspent on these guys. Everyone seems to agree on that. It's not the guys, it's the money spend. They could have easily pocketed $9-12M by not paying as much as they did.

    1-Probably no one would have given Napoli more than a 3-year, and neither did we.

    2-You don't really know how many suitors they had, or what the offers were.  There seems to be a propensity on this board to suggest that the RS don't know the market and just throw out numbers at random.

    3-And this is the really important part to remember.

    If you signed a FA, you overpaid, almost by definition.  29 teams get together, and based on need and budget, make various offers.  For the 30th team to sign the player, they have to pay more than team 29.  There is usually no way around that.  There is probably some gamesmenship with agents claiming to have an offer of $36M/3 for these two guys, when maybe their offer topped out at $33M/3, but signing a FA is based on need and timelines.

    We needed a 1B, and two OFs.  If we didn't overpay by $1M pa for these guys, we'd have had to overpay by $1M for other guys.

    To be honest, I'm not sure everyone in here is aware of the prices being paid.  If the price for Soto is $2.5M, then the price for Ross is easily the $3.1M we paid.  If the price for Hunter is $26M/2, then the price for Victorino has to be higher.

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    Re: Why are people so shocked by these free agent signings?

    In response to Softlaw1's comment:

     including a maxed payroll with little to NO wiggle room. then instead of looking to sign the loshe's and/or sanchez' of the world

    Cherry is working to max out the payroll again, with no "wiggle room". These incompetents are good at it. They have managed, with nearly 80 million for old Shane and Napoli, to have a good start at doing what seems to be absurd, spending 150 million or more a year and not winning a playoff game, much less be a contender.


    wipe your tears soft one. its all gonna be ok

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