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Why Farrell ?

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    Re: Why Farrell ?

    In response to royf19's comment:

    Regardless of who is named the new manage, can we at least give him a chance before trying to run him out of town before spring training.

    I felt the Bobby V. hiring was a horrible hiring, but I was at least willing to give him a chance once he got the job.


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    Re: Why Farrell ?

    farrell is not a (good) manager. proved it in toronto.

    plenty analysis of his effort in baseball world if you want to look.

    no surprise the braintrust is looking at him.

    they sone want the best mgr available, passed on maddon for tito

    went for bv to clean thingsup, then cut his legs out.

    mismanging fumbling fools.

    and if they hire farrell, they will coninue the mismanagement into the future.

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    Re: Why Farrell ?

    Cherrington said yesterday that he wanted to change the clubhouse culture.  On that I can agree.  However, how does bringing back John Farrell change the clubhouse culture?

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