In Response to Re: Why not move Beckett up?:
In Response to Re: Why not move Beckett up? : You sure fooled everybody who posted above and wasted their time. Why start a thread that pretends to be serious when you are not? If you feel as if you are just yelling at Tito because that is your born right then why don't you just add a footnote that you are full of crap and know nothing about big league managing. It would allow everyone above the opportunity to ignore your thread since it was meant to be a joke and not serious. Do you enjoy wasting the time of others?
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Why blame him because you're not too bright. Ike chose his handle for a reason.
If you aren't familiar with the Joe E. Brown character, then become so.

Where did he say he could replace Tito?  He began this thread by asking why Josh wasn't moved up. It's a legit question, but you set the ugly tone and others followed your lead. Now you can see, as you did when I mirrored you in the sergeant/boot-camp skit, how pathological your psychosis is.

Ike then backed his take and was ridiculed. Many on this board don't buy into modern managerial methods. The game has gone too far in limiting outings to stringent pitch counts. A difference of staying with a starter for 10 more pitches at a key interval could easily determine a playoff birth in a close race.

Tito stays with vets who can no longer cut it too long. He deployed VMART improperly. He stayed with Lowell too long and played Scut hurt - into the ground last year. This year, he immediately hit CC 3rd, putting a ton of pressure on a guy facing the expectations of a monster contract.
He didn't recognize Hill and kept him in garbage time too long, easily costing 2-3 games. He finally has come to the conclusion that Drew is passed it.

Am I trying to show Tito up?  FK no. I'm pointing out what most here acknowledge.
Even Tito's supporters, if they had the guts to admit it. Each side thinks they are completely right. And they are wrong in doing so.

Ike acknowledged how tough it is to manage in this mega-buck climate. Instead of trying to nail him to the wall for being old-school honest, try showing some character. Debate each point he brought up.This practice is what this board is supposed to be all about. You constantly b*tch and moan and say this board is dying. It's your technique that brings everything down 12 notches.

You are and always have been a key part of the problem. You and clowns like Softlaw and Burrito, who serve as baiting jerks. Anytime I find myself in agreement with you, I know I'm coming up short, because somewhere, there's a scapegoat with your noose around his neck.