Why so few elite players in baseball?

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    Re: Why so few elite players in baseball?

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    I've never understood why there are so many players in baseball that are average or below average. The players that really stand out and are HOF worthy are few and far between. You would think that when you have probably millions of guys who love and play baseball and are looking for an opportunity to play in the major leagues that there would be so many top players they wouldn't know what to do with them.

    I guess I'm just curious as to how some guys wind up in the major leagues that don't do that well, when there's so many to choose from who would give everything to be there.

    To me nobody will ever replace Mantle, Maris, Ford, Yogi, Rizzuto, DiMaggio,  Guidry, Mariano, or Reggie. They were special.

    no, pike. you're special.

    he comes to the site for the sole reason to warn us about yankee imposters and trolls and yet here he is...... impersonating a yankee fan and being a troll.