Will the sox move Gonzo to left or right field to get Ortiz's bat in the 9 road games with NL teams?

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    Re: Will the sox move Gonzo to left or right field to get Ortiz's bat in the 9 road games with NL teams?

    In the series' against the Astros and Pirates, AGon plays 2 and Papi plays 1. 
    No need for both of them in the lineup.  Especially against the Astros.  The PawSox can beat them!

    Against the Phillies, AGon plays all 3 with Papi off the bench.

    Case closed.
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    Re: Will the sox move Gonzo to left or right field to get Ortiz's bat in the 9 road games with NL teams?

                             It seems like TF is taking ownership of this idea of AG in the OF and Papi at 1B. This is how he thinks; all wood no leather. AGON is a magician with the glove at 1B, wait til Papi tries to scoop those two bouncers from Scutaro at deep short or those divers from Youk at 3B. Why weaken the defense when you don't have to? The RS are stronger with AGON at 1B and Drew/Reddick in RF. Also, we're a lot slower in RF with AGON regardless if he can catch the ball. The outfield is primarily for the best athletes on the team. The guys that can run , catch and throw. A mistake in the outfield is usually a two base mistake. On the right type of ball, Agon brings the inside the park HR into play. Papi is a baseball hitter not a baseball player. Baseball players wear a glove to catch the ball when they're in the field. Papi sits down. Hey, last night Papi stole 2nd. base after I called "T" out and suggested that at best it 's a hairbrained call. It wasn't pretty but he was safe and recorded a stolen base. These (2) guys are team leaders and are an offensive powerhouse. Why put them in a position to fail, get hurt,and not be available for the second half of the season. There is no good reason. Tito come to your senses.
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    Re: Will the sox move Gonzo to left or right field to get Ortiz's bat in the 9 road games with NL teams?

    Let me first say that all the arguments against doing his make a lot of sense, and I quail at the very thought of disagreeing with fivekatz.  

    But I am forced to ask:  why is Francona even saying it's a possibility?  Here's why. 

    First, AGon has thrived on playing every single game to date.  He leads the Majors in RBI's and nearly leads in batting average.  So I think there is no way Francona rests AGon more than the days off already on the schedule (like tomorrow).  The drop off with Ortiz at 1B and batting for AGon would be too significant.  Combine that point with the second point just below. 

    Second, the San Diego series demonstrates that, even with Ortiz in the lineup, the Sox hitting can be "shut down" (relatively speaking) for two of three games at Fenway, a hitter's park.  The Sox top seven run producers are AGon, Ortiz, Youk, Ellsbury, Pedroia, Crawford, and Lowrie.  But two of them are on the DL, and Ortiz relegated to pinch-hitting means the the Sox will be playing in NL parks with just 4 of their top 7 hitters and with the starting pitcher batting 9th.   NL teams are comfortable with no DH, but AL teams and especially the Red Sox are not.    

    Third, it would be great if the Sox had great pitching to supplement the great hitting (best in MLB), but they don't, as losing 2 of 3 to the non-hitting Padres just demonstrated.  And don't forget that Buchholz has back issues and Beckett is taking almost two weeks between his last start and his next.   I do like the top five starters--Beckett, Buchholz, Lester, Wakefield, and Miller--but think they are starting to look a little unhealthy.  Plus, good as Miller looked in his first start (and before that at Pawtucket), he is still a young guy with a history of control problems. 

    Fifth, AGon played right field for more than one game because early on he played it in a winter league.  He has the hands and the arm and the experience, even if he is slow as molasses.  Just as important, he is willing to try it because he really likes being on a winning club and a bonafide shot at a WS ring.  He is smart and will not not risk running into a wall or whatever.  He will be worlds better than Youk was several years ago in LF. 

    Sixth, Ortiz ain't no AGon at 1B, but he has played it decently.  Before the DH was created, 1B was where old outfielders who could still hit were put.  Back in the day, there was no such thing as a defensive firstbaseman because that was a hitter's position.  Today the best ones are good in the field and at the plate. 

    Seventh, getting Ortiz into the lineup is good for his and everyone else's morale. 

    Eighth, think of this as preparation for the World Series.  These nine games are the only chance Francona has to test this lineup--with AGon in RF and Ortiz at 1B.  Right now this team sure looks like it has a good shot at getting there, especially with three quality starters (plus maybe Miller).  But, once there, I find it hard to believe that, if Ortiz still has an OPS over 1.000, Francona isn't going to want to play him in NL parks.  Now is the time to find out how that looks.  
    Finally, I think Francona will be cautious about doing this.  He will start out by picking the right game with the right opposing pitcher and the smallest/easiest right field and against a team where he thinks Ortiz will be needed in the lineup.  If both guys look comfortable in their new roles, he might just do it again and possibly one more time--but I think two games is probably the limit.