According to Snakeoil, he's the best closer never to take the mound!
Aceves has done well in that role, and i'm happy with his performance. But we traded away Reddick for Bailey and Sweeney, and we still don't know if Bailey can even close out games for us, and Sweeney is now just a footnote.

Cherington is just an absolute bonehead when it comes to evaluating players. Who was that draft pick in the 7th round I think, that has struck out 35 of 36 times at the lowest level of minor league ball?
Seems also that he can only negotiate with the Cubs when it comes to trade possibilities....first Dempster, now Garza. Wouldn't surprise me if he lets some of our best young talent go to the Cubs for this has-been. And what we got for Youk is just icing on the cake. I don't think it was a mistake to trade him, but to basically give him away and pay his salary too?

He would have been better to wait till the TD, IMO.