Will we have to wait for........

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    To be truthful, after Lester and Beckett it's cross your fingers and hope for the best as long as the bullpen doesn't get overworked and burnt out.
    Posted by Diamondtalk

    there is a good track record of two ace teams:
    pedro and schilling in '04 (lackey actually projects along the same arc as derek lowe)
    hamels and moyer in '08
    cc and pettitte in '09 (although burnett pitched well, too)

    and plenty of recent precedence for a balanced trio where all three go into the postseason having won at least 13 games and post decent peripherals:

    05 chicago with buehrle, garcia and garland
    07 sox with dice-k, beckett and wakefield
    last years giants with cain, lincecum and sanchez

    lackey will finish the season in proximity of any recent number three world series champion.

    as for the prediction that the red sox will not be in first place come friday...
    be specific. are you saying that the sox and yankees will be tied going into the series? that would mean that the yankees sweep the series with chicago while we lose one out of the next two or do you mean that the yankees will be in sole possession of first place meaning that they sweep and we are swept?
    write it down. not that it matters. i think that we were a game behind the yankees last time we played them.
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    Re: Will we have to wait for........

    Yanks were worried about similar things last February.