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Winning tonight

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    Re: Winning tonight

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    I'm at the beach so I can't see the games but I keep up with what's going on with the computer and cell phone.

    I wish I could have watched tonights game, it seemed like a gem!  I was a bit worried that buch might be a little rusty but I'm so relieved he wasn't

    Good to hear the pitchers were supporting buch, big change from last year!!!




    Remind me not to go to that beach......


    You don't know which beach I'm at so that means you will have to avoid all beaches for the rest of your life. Nice!!!

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    Re: Winning tonight

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    Sept. 9-11, 2011 the Red Sox were swept in TB. No sweep this year. That team ate fried chicken, this team eats it raw. 



    I noticed when the camera went to the dugout,  all of the starters were there, very intent on the game. No hanging out in the clubhouse. 




    Wow.  You put the tu in intuitive, man.  Had I'd seen that 3(?) second camera shot on television I'd have totally disregarded it either because it was a pathetically small sample size, absurd confirmation bias or other total nonsense.


    But you're able to cut through all that sort of silliness and find fact!  In just seconds!  That's great!  And very special.  I salute you, sir....but please promise me you won't start working building or flying airplanes.



    Feeling " feisty " over there again, aren't you Chili ?   Did you buy a nice gift for your new little prince yet ?