With "TRANSFORMATION" just about complete, we will play out the string.........

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    Transformation is hardly complete, the trade was great but we don't have a major league roster anymore. 

    Your hero Softy thinks Ben needs to be fired, that is not going to happen. 

    Valentine will go but who will replace him? 

    You called it, yeah, but all you wanted was for the team to blow up. Well, it's blown. Big whoop. 

    True transformation would be to move Lucchino out of town or out of baseball operations, and that's not going to happen. 

    Meantime they move Bill James, stat freak, more closely into the baseball decisions. Did you call for that? I don't think so.

    I wanted Beckett out of town too but he just got through pitching a very good game for the Dodgers. Nothing is simple.

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    the 1950's have been over for 60 years
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    Yes, AGon was/is a significant loss, but the rest of the lineup problems are with Ortiz (and Middlebrooks) on the DL and underperformance by Ellsbury.  The lineup should be fine next year, although it would be nice to have a good bat at 1B and another in the OF to go with Ells and Ross. 

    The rotation, on the other hand, needs at least one good arm to go with Lester, Buchholz and maybe one or two others currently in the possession of the Sox.   
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    We will have to make a trade this winter if we want to aquire that starting pitching we need. Theres not much as far as FA goes. After Greinke, its a bunch of 3-5 starters. We need a 1-2 type.
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    I think they should give Bobby V another year...with his own coaching staff, and some input to his players. You can't crucify a guy that you set up to fail.
    They have a nice young core with Pedroia, Middlebrooks, Ciriaco, and Jacoby. I think there's ways to have both Salty and Lavarnway play. Lavarnway doesn't seem comfortable as a catcher...maybe a move to 1B LF or DH. They can't break the bank for Papi. The only good thing to come from getting rid of Crawford and Gonzo is financial flexibility, and they need to use it on improving, not maintaining.
    As I see it, 2B, 3B, CF, and C (one way or another) are the only locked up spots. I'd love to see Ross back, maybe make a realistic push for Hamilton, after that, find the best bat you can to plug in at DH or 1B, and use Lavarnway at the other spot, keeping Salty at C. Ciriaco stays as the SS.

    1B Bat (Loney?)
    2B Pedroia
    3B Middlebrooks
    SS Ciriaco
    LF Hamilton
    CF Jacoby
    RF Ross
    C  Salty
    DH Lavarnway

    That's a potent offense. Granted Hamilton probably will (and should) stay in Texas. The big issues the Sox need to deal with are throwing some of the kids into the fire like they did for Middlebrooks (Boegarts at 1B?), and putting together a real pitching staff. Doubront is a good 5, and Clay is great as a #3, But Lester is and looks like will always be a very good #2 Pitcher. They need a #1, and can plug any solid arm in as their 4 (Slackey?). I think the pen is pretty much solid. Aceves can go back to his former role as a do it all middle reliever. Bailey goes in as your Closer. Atchinson, Miller, Melancon, and Bard wind up as your pen arms with a couple other guys tossed in...Padilla?

    This could be a quick rebuild if they do it right. They need to do it like they did as the 04 WS team faded away...bring up kids, make smart trades, and most importantly, have a TEAM, not a bunch of players. 
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    You are being allowed to post, idiots. You're just not being allowed to ghak up the board.
    If you ask me, it's the perfect arrangement. :)
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