In response to Softlaw1's comment:

Upton, neither brother has been great.

There aren't many MLB players in history that have been great by age 24. J. Upton has a last 3 years .361 OBP and an OPS of .830 in the NL for the DBacks in the NL West.  I can only imagine what those numbers would be in Fenway, playing tiny LF like Manny once did.

As far as 2013?  If we don't have any intension of trying to land Josh Hamilton/franchise player, or maybe attempt a trade, then Ells, re-signing Ross and gap filler may be all we have left.

Franchise players don't miss the time and aren't the age Hamilton is when he starts his absurd FA contract that have become almost automatic "WTF did we do that for". More importantly, he's a better fit for the Yankees and would not put anything close to the Texas heat numbers he put up when he was in his prime, which he no longer is.

Ross isn't worth 3 years and 20 million plus. He has competition that can platoon. 2 and base 5 should be the final offer for this journey man.

MLB is a business that requires specific plans in detail, with a serious of detailed options if the market makes player acquistion a Crawbust or soon to be Hamilton type of mistake.

The Red Sox have Ortiz, paid a year too long, but that's done. They need a talented young RH bat in the OF. Once again, they have zero plans, their last plan was Crawbust as a WTF? They need to get on with acquiring J. Upton and VMart or Napoli or platoon Loney and Gomez for a season and see if the FA and trade 1st base market moves from overpriced bums to a fit and value for the Red Sox.

The starting pitching market is usualy a joke, and this year it's a big joke. Nothing but 2nd rate pitchers and 1st rate contract costs, which is a mistake the Red Sox seem to keep making and expecting a different result in a market and league and division where everyday players are way more important than  2nd rate every 5 day bums.


I like Justin Uptons offense but he tends to have rock hands in the OF and doesn't run the bases with a lot of intelligence at times.  He would certainly be younger and better than Ross but I wouldn't give up Barnes, Bogaerts and/or Bradley for him which would probably be the asking price.  It's a toss up between he and Jacoby if they both have there best years.  Ells plays better defense and runs the bases better.  I can also see Justins OBP dropping off a bit in our league.