Xander Bogaerts with a pair of HR

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    Xander Bogaerts with a pair of HR

    Is everyone happy?


    PS: How long before Prince Felix is no longer part of the rotation?

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    Re: Xander Bogaerts with a pair of HR

    The lack of HR power from Bogaerts is not surprising.


    The Sox organization has a tendency to make top prospects work at weaker aspects of their games, and it can and will affect their minor league numbers.


    For example, if Bogaerts has shown he can hit fastballs, his coaches will tell him "No swinging at fastaball until you have two strikes."  This does make it easier to pitch to him, but also forces him to work at hitting breaking pitches.  Had the Padres tried this approaach with Jedd Gyorko, he might not have looked so lost at the plate for all of April.  That Bogaerts is still focusing on shortstop could also be related to this, as they might try to minimize the changes in is game at one time.


    It's like how they would tell Casey Kelly "No curve balls today."  The idea was to force him to work on secondary and tertiary pitches.


    So one homerless month from Bogaerts probably means absolutely nothing...

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    Re: Xander Bogaerts with a pair of HR

    He is also extremely young and i can't think of when he's ever had to play in this cold weather.  Also he moved up TO Portland last year when a lot of the talent in the Eastern league also got promoted up.  Pitchers adjusted this year and started pitching to his spots.

    He started to hit before the power came, so he's made adjustments.  I saw him in Portland earlier this year and he looked really uncomfortable at the plate so it's pretty impressive that he's batting .300 now.

    And remember he's only 20.  Bogaerts may get a cup of coffee later this year and be knocking on the door next year....or he might just kick it down.

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    Re: Xander Bogaerts with a pair of HR

    In response to softlaw2's comment:

    He needs to end up in LF or one of the corner IF slots. Total incompetence to try and use him at SS, as he's not a defensive SS talent. Napoli, if healthy enough, should only be offered a one year base 5 for 2014.

    I swear sometimes the content in your posts strikes me as if you just pulled Your statements out of a hat.

    If boggy is the offensive force that everyone expects him to be, i could care less about how average his defense is.

    Its probably also not gonna make you happy that i think if naps continues to produce the way he has, id be more than willing to offer him a 2 year deal at 15 mill per with and option for a 3rd year. although i would like the sox to do a checkup on his hips to make sure his condition hasnt considerably worsened before offering this deal. After Next year the sox can move Naps to DH if Papi decides to retire, which open up first for a possible prospect.