Yankee empty seats???

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    Re: Yankee empty seats???

    "The House that Steroids Built" may be in trouble

    "Too Big To Fail"?  Only Donald Trump will be able to bail them out if the recession deepens......
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    Re: Yankee empty seats???

    I hope they continue to lose games, continue to lose fair-weathered fans (who make up 80% of the premium seating, and continue to get on each others nerves.

    Implosion of the Yankees - coming to theaters this summer!
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    Re: Yankee empty seats???

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    Sorry if this is old hat, but I am stunned at the number of empty seats in the luxery section at Yankee Stadium. This whole series is has appeared that at least half of them have been empty. Does anyone know if they are not sold or are they sold and the people just don't show. I know the tickets are like a grand or even two FOR ONE GAME but damn, that is embarrasing for MLB. The greatest rivalry in sports and half the seats on camera are empty.
    Posted by pumpsiefan

    And best of all it's no longer an intimidating building to play in.  Even Madden of Tampa commented on that.   Due to the way it was built the noise is dispersed and even a packed crowd is not very loud.