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My wife is the biggest fan you'd ever want to meet!  Even if I'm not home, she'll watch a whole game and even insist on watching a second time when I do get home.

She'll make all the arangements when we see them in different cities, get tickets, etc....incredible, really.

I wouldn't trade her in for the world.

I guess I'm just lucky.



how about for Miggy, Verlander and a wife to named later? Tongue OutWink


LOL.....Good one !!

The 'wife to be named later' would be a pretty tough decision.  The guys look like chopped liver, but their wives are always beautiful.

Like me, I look like chopped liver and my wife is beautiful.  It must have been my sparkling personality.  I suppose it doesn't hurt that I do the cooking.  If she cooked, and she admits to it, we'd both die of malnutrition....LOL.   Somtimes I wonder if she just feigns being a bad cook so I end up doing it..:).

It doesn't matter, she makes up for it different areas...   Wink