Good Morning all...Happy Friday...well here we go, series number two, finds the Sox coming off of a sweep by the A's and the Yanks breaking a 9 game losing at the Trop, but still losing two of three to the Rays'...Yanks won the first two games of the April series with the Sox with the third being rained out..being made up as part of a double dip on Saturday..series takes on a bit of a different look with Andy Pettitte and CC Sabathia out and Kevin Youkilis traded, also Yanks won't see the two troublemakers Ellsbury and Pedroia in the Sox lineup, will also be strange to know that whether winning,losing or tied  Mo won't be entering any of these games...important series for both squads, Yanks looking to put more space on their lead, Sox looking to stay in striking distance...series opens with Kuroda vs Beckett...who knows what this series will bring, as both teams have faced adversity...everyone have great weekend and enjoy the games...and on the wager front, to my bud Carnie,strap em's on again..LOL..Wink