Yanks/Sox IV

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    Re: Yanks/Sox IV

    The difference between these two teams if manifest.  The Yankees have good pitching even when they lose.  The Sox pitching is awful except for the occasional gem.  The Yankees are still hitting even without ARod and Teixeira.  The Yankees have a huge AL lead, and the Sox are hoping against hope to finish above .500. 
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    Re: Yanks/Sox IV

    Game 3 and the series to the Yanks..real nice job Kuroda and the pen, Yanks ride 2 Ichiro homers...not a terrible start by Beckett, was a little undone after the run scoring wild pitch..next series Sept 11-13 at Fenway..Sox head home for the Halos, Yanks head to Chi-town for the White Sox....have a good week all...