Yanks/Sox V

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    Re: Yanks/Sox V

    Sorry to see Jeter go down--good player, good man, a vital cog for the Yankees.  Plus Teixeira.  ARod needs to step up.  This does not meet I ain't rooting for the home team tonight because I definitely am.  I just like playing the Yankees and hopefully winning a few. 

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    Re: Yanks/Sox V

    Morning all...Happy Friday!!...Game 3 and series to the Yanks...nice job by Hughes..surprisingly low scoring game...another game where Yanks display limited offense, save for a timely hit by Jeter...Yanks gotta do better than that....Orioles sweep Rays, ALE remains tied...division plays continues as the Sox head to Toronto to take on the Jays, while the Yanks head home to take on the Rays...everyone have a  great Froday and a great weekend....

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    Re: Yanks/Sox V

    I expect the Yankees to win their series against the Rays.   Many close races in both divisions this year and probably won't be decided until the last week or even the last game of the season.