If under .700 vs one side of pitching is good enough to start for some teams, then that player will not platoon. The fact that SV fielded very well helped tip the balance vs some pictehrs perhaps, but if you think we'll have nobody better than .690 vs RHPs this summer, and SV should be that FT man, then you have lower hopes than I. I gotta think Nava or kalsih can hit .750+ vs RHPs, although Nava in RF scared the heebee jeebees out of me.


I still think there will be more additions. Offseason still has a couple months left.

Yes, we may get an OF'er to platoon with Gomes in LF and a scrub 5 slot pitcher, but I doubt we do anything big from here on out, unless we make a trade.

SV will be a FT OF'er and will probably hit .690 vs RHPs (about 65% of the games). If we pick up someone to platoon with him, we will essentially be paying SV $13M to play 1/3 of the games. That's a pro-rated cost of about $39M for him to play 162 games. Brilliant!