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You have to love Clay!

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    You have to love Clay!

    In spite of his off the field difficulties ( injury, mental toughness questions, etc)....Clay Buchholz managed to put together some pretty good numbers this season. 12-1 with an ERA of 1.74 . Even last night, with his pitch velocity down after a long travel day.. he managed to go 7 innings only allowing 3 runs.

    In spite of a most excellent outing by Clay, he sounded like he was apologizing to the fans for not having his best stuff. I guess this is one of the things that I have always liked about him...his humility.

    If the Red Sox are going to go far into the post season..much is going to hinge on the health and effectiveness of their pitching. This year has been a very good year for Red Sox of the main reasons they have a ticket to the post-season. I have really enjoyed the pitchers this year..even some new and shining stars in the bullpen.

    Anyhow..I know in years past, Buccholz's numbers have been a little erratic...I just wanted to acknowledge the success of player who is just one part of the reason we are going to enjoy Red Sox baseball in October.

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    Re: You have to love Clay!

    I think our starting rotation looks better overall this year than it has been in years. I feel good going into the playoffs with these pitchers....even Lackey. When Jon Lester is your biggest starting pitcher worry...then you are in good shape.

    Now..lets hope that going into the post season..that the Sox offense will give Lackey a little more run support than he got during the season!

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