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You "We Need Pitching" Drivel Drones: Put up or Shut Up!!!!!

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    Re: You

    In response to TrotterNixon's comment:

    , there's your famous "offer Oswalt $1M/1yr" type ideas that have absolutely zero chance of ever happening. Get real before pretending to  judge others for making outlandish offer suggestions.

    Every "offer" you have ever suggested has been a pipe dream

    Before I rebut Oswalt, et al, I am having a hard time keeping from falling to the floor in laughter. The biggest pipe dream offer in history was Moohswemp's 2 million, then 1 million, then down to 3/4 of a million for 2012 Tim Wastefield.  The market was zero.

    He keeps repeating that "I've already given specifics on acquired pitching for 2013", but then he never provides it. On other threads, he goes on and on with several names which change and do not state, as one other poster did, that the market value will be paid to make sure they are acquired.

    Another poster correctly pointed out the bugaboo of old school "it's the pitching". Ask the 2009 and 2012 Yankees about "it's the pitching".


    Shut up!!

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    Re: You

    I not sure if most agree with me, but the OP of this topic challenges us to provide specific details for improving the Sox pitching and then does not have the aptitude to respond to those comments, but rather continue a name calling and finger pointing diatribe that drives HIS topic into the gutter and makes himself appear as someone with no clue.

    Trotter...I expected you to respond to my original post on here but all I hear is crickets from your started this so it's time for you to finish it, otherwise you should just SHUT UP!

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    Re: You

    Every "offer" you have ever suggested has been a pipe dream

    Another poster correctly pointed out the bugaboo of old school "it's the pitching". Ask the 2009 and 2012 Yankees about "it's the pitching".



    I personally CHALLENGE YOU !!

    You continually do the "same ole same ole" thing. You insult Moon and others but still you offer no specifics other than to say bring up youngsters from the minor leagues. Great pitch but no one in the Sox minor league system will be ready until atleast 2014 according to most scouting reports so what is your specific suggestion for the Red Sox to tide the club over with pitching until then. We definitely need at least one proven starter and possibly two. I want specifics, not insults to Moon or other, etc. If free agency according to you won't provide pitching then who would you trade for. 

    If you cannot give specific answers then all of us will know you have a lack of knowledge of baseball and you're just here on one mission, to insult all who post on this site, no more no less. Take up my challenge with answers of real substance. 


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    Re: You

    In response to TrotterNixon's comment:
    Did anyone teach you how rude it is to whine and whine about needing pitching and never provide specific details on who, how much. I didn't think so.

    I know, can you believe how some people were raised? My mother taught me years ago that being specific with pitching needs on message boards was the cornerstone to good social skills.


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    Re: You

    I gave specific players I'd trade for Brett Anderson or Jamie Shields.

    I gave specific dollar amounts I'd offer McCarthy, E. Jackson, and A. Sanchez. My dollar amounts were not 1/3 the market value like yours have been.

    Why not tell us your plan for obtaining a starter with the exact dollar amount offer or players in trade?

    Scenearios don't cut it. Again, provide the exact list of the 25 man active roster including the exact names and budgets to pay market rate to acquire the starters you list in a shotgun speculation approach.

    I did it several times - some on your threads. I can't help it if you didn't read it or can't comprehend what you read. I provided names of specific free agents and specific offers of dollars and years.  I provided specific names to trades- no vagaries like "anyone but Barnes or Bradley".

    Go back and read it. Then get back to me.

    I've provided every player and total budget for my 2012 active roster, but I'm not the one crying over "the pitching". I'll repost it, and you don't have a clue on market value or value and fit.

    Case and point. You are arguing against a strawman. Nobody is doubting that you provided a budget for your "2012 active roster". You miss the point -- again. Your budget was based on fantasy offers like $1M for Chen, Bedard, or Wang, then later $1M offer for Oswalt. As it turned out,  all of these guys signed for $3M or more- fully 3x more than your suggested top offer. How "realistic" was that?

    You should have followed your own directive... and "shut up".

    You were dead wrong on Mauer, both in terms of retention market value.

    You claimed MN would sign Mauer for $17M/yr. I claimed they could not afford Mauer's likely $25M/yr price-tag. We bog. I admitted it. You lie, distract, and delude yourself.

    Wakefield was absurd.

    Case and point: distraction. Obsession.

    I only make actual value and fit offers, and make that clear. My value offer to prima donna Lackey was 3 years and 30 million. It was too high. You attempt to cry about how I value the scads of prima donna lousy pitcher fits for the Red Sox, and pretend I'm mkaing market value offers. You don't even have a handle on what the diference is.

    More lies. You never even gave an amount for Lackey. I said he wasn't worth the $100M he'd get. When we signed him, I said it was a decent deal considering the devaluation. You initially said you were against it, but then when you found about the injury clause, you said it was a good deral and the best deal we could make at that time.

    I even provided the direct quotes from your posts over and over and again and again, and you denied your own words. Now, this $30M/3 year crock of you know what.

    My rotation is status quo already under contract or control for 2013, with the addition of 4 other market value contract offers that would acquire 4 other veteran starers to one year MLB and minor league contracts.

    Wow! This is so specific! Again, follow your own advice and "shut up" or put up some 2013 spoecifics.

    Unless you have a clue, which you don't, you would provide the exact names and total budget to pay market value for pitchers to be acquired. No need to roll the dice with high rollers outside, as opposed to inside and far superior value and fit and risk low rollers.

    Again, I have posted it several times on several posts, including some of yours. Stop the lies and learn how to read and comprehend.

    No suprirse that prima donna Roy was way beyond market. My value for Roy was 1.5 million, which is the max for a career prima donna who is also old.

    Name one FA offer you have mentioned the Sox should offer who ended up signing for any club within one million of your offer.

    There have been none in over 3 years... maybe longer.

    Where are your specific offers for 2013? Names, dollars, years...

    Cue.... Cricketts