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    Please stop with the talk of Youk returning to the Sox.  It's unimaginable that Youk fits into the rebuilding strategy that the Sox are formulating.  I'm willing to bet that the Sox have at least a dozen scenarios in mind for filling the 1B void and none of them include Youk.

    As much as I appreciate what Youk contributed to the Sox teams in the past, that was yesterday, and now the focus must be on tomorrow. 

    Youk is an aged, injury-proned veteran whose production has waned and who no longer can be counted on, even on a limited basis,  for the rigors of a 162 game schedule.

    And, it is very unlikely that Youk himself would want to return to the Sox at this time in his career.  I think he is smart enough to see the hand-writing on the wall, and knows pretty much the direction the Sox are heading, as well as where he is at currently in a long and illustrious career. 

    In the aftermath of being let go by the White Sox, he may perhaps catch on with some other team to extend his career for one more season, but don't be surprised if come Spring, he decides to call it a day and retires.  In which event, I would be delighted if the Sox were to sign him to a one-day contract that he might retire in a Sox uniform, preferably Red.

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    Re: Youk

    why didn't you ever answer my question to you in your other thread

    why start a thread and never respond to those who respond 2U



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    Re: Youk

    Youk would be the best addition at first base. His injuries all came while playing 3rd which I agree he no longer should play. However if you look at what is available (not including trades) he is the best option.

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    Re: Youk

    being let go is a sure sign of declining skills...youk might be done shortly...glad he was dealt away and we have Middlebrooks instead...Valentine did at least one thing

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    Re: Youk

    Youk has some gas left in the tank.  He's clearly in decline, but he's still a plus fielder at 1B and his OPS+ was 99 in 2012.

    Can he arrest that decline slightly for a year or two?  If so, he'd be good value (at the right price). 

    I have no faith whatsover in our minor league 1B "prospects".