May 15, 2004 first career HR off Toronto's Pat Hentgen at Skydome, Sox win 4-0, Youk bats 8th and plays 3B,
 May 28, 2007, Youk hits Inside-the-Park HR at Cleveland, Sox win 5-3, Youk bats 3rd and plays 1B.
 June 22, 2008, Youk hits walk-off homer in bottom of the 13th vs St. Louis, his second bomb of the day.
 August 11 2009, Youk charges the mound and tries to tackle Detroit's Rick Porcello after being hit by pitch. Porcello sidesteps and throws Youk to the ground around the 1B area, Youk gets and serves a 5 game suspension, Sox loss three out of their next five to fall further behind Yanks.
 June 6, 2008 Youk and Manny go at it in the dugout after Youk throws his helmet again, Youk finishes the game in RF after Ells leaves from an injury(We've seen this movie before)
 April 10, 2012 manager Bobby Valentine opines that Youk is not as into the game, foreshadowing a mid season trade.
 June 6 2012, Youk triples in his last AB in Red Sox uniform, leaves the field in a tumult of emotion and heads for life in the heartland after being traded to the other Sox.