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    A Disaster

    Bottom line.� They couldn't protect Brady.� He got hammered even when he did get the ball off on time.

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    A Disaster

    AGW - Seems to me that it is possible that the pats loss may be partially attributable to being victims of their own success, and I don't mean this in a bad way.� When a team wins 18 in a row, even in some of those games in which they were challenged, the result was always the same - a win.� At some point do you begin to believe your own hype?� I don't care how much humble pie Belichick served up.� You know the more I think about it - the Pats played a good enough game to win.� Consider the following that allowed the Giants win - Manning's escapeThat catch, with Harrison all over the receiver - as strong as Harrison is, I am still amazed by that catch. Hobb's slip on the TD.�

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    A Disaster

    Yes congrats to the Giants. I think Belichick needs to accept a big part of the blame. They should have kicked the filed goal on 4th down. Crazy to take a chance like that..
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    A Disaster

    You are right, Pats were out played.� The only thing that looked perfect were the landings Brady made on his butt.� Mr. Perfect - NOT!� Little Manning made big brother and family proud.�

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    A Disaster

    How right you are, cheaters never win.� Who else would know to run three straight screen plays against the Rams unless they had taped their signals.� Dirty, Dirty, Dirty !Mr. Perfect - NOT!!!!!!!

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    A Disaster

    All this stupid troll stuff is just that.� I prefer some serious discussion:

    I love the Pats, but let's face it.� They sucked last night.� 18-1 ismeaningless.� The Giants played great,.� I've never seen a pass rushlike that on Brady.� Yet, the Pats NEVER adjusted.� They kept trying togo down the field to Moss when it was obvious that Brady didn't havethe time.� It took until the last drive for the Pats to use the 6'4Moss as a possession receiver and it paid off.� Where were the fabledadjustments?� And Belichick...going for it on 4th and 13(??) instead of a 50yd field goal attempt with a strong legged kicker in a domed stadium?Talk about arrogant.

    So now the bloom is off the Pats' rose.� There's spygate and more tocome.� I don't see players flocking to the organization for less thanmarket value like thay used to. Why would they? Now Hobbs must go,Samuel will leave, Bruschi and Seau are done, Rodney will be 35,�Belichick and Brady are no longer the revered figures they once were.�� Moss might even be gone.�� Ninety percent of America was rooting against the Pats which is an indication that something is worong somewhere.� In other words I question whether thisfranchise will ever recover from what may be the most devastating lossin NFL history.� The Rams never recovered from their 2001 loss.� ThePats might not either.

    The Giants won the game fair and square; the Patriots franchise, as we know it, may be lost forever.�

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    A Disaster

    It's shame the pats lost but all it's going to take is a super win within the next fews years and this season won't hold up to anything, ya the pats went 18-0 and lost the super bowl big deal.� Its a great accomplishment, however things happen it wasn't their year.� Look at 1986 Sox they had the series won and then blew it same with the 2003 Red Sox the had the yankees and blew but what happened when they won the world series all that failure went away.� Like meriweather said they'll be back next year.� They'll�still be favorites to win the super bowl.�The key thing that nobody is talking about is the Patriots not having Colvin he was the speed linebacker�and would have caught Eli when he rushed out of the pocket.� He went down in the Eagles game and after that every game was close.� People forget about him but he was a HUGE loss.

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    A Disaster

    Belichick could learn a lot from Brady about humility and sportsmanship.
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    A Disaster

    I agree with you completely. This is the worst loss in the history of sports. Devistating and humiliating.

    I will not be renewing my season tickets next year.

    I thought the defense was bad going in, but the O-line should wear bags on their heads with a big L on their jerseys.

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    A Disaster

    Like most Pats fans i'm hurting real bad about this loss, but I assure you know ones hurting as bad as our team is.� I was there the first day and first practice of training camp and never imagined they would have a season like this one.�� The Giants brought it, �and deserved the win.�When the Giants were going up and snatching the ball out of the air, Randy Moss was waiting for the ball to magically appear in his hands as it did so often this season.� Isn't that what Bill told him to do in a sound bite during one of the playoff games? "If you have the opportunity to go I and get the ball, I think you should go up and get it."� Well goodbye Randy Moss you are not getting the big pay day from this team and neither is Asante.�I will never wish an undefeated regular season on this team again, the law of averages won out.� Now let's move on.....................

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    A Disaster

    I was wondering if anyone has any idea what happened with that Eli Manning fumble in the first half, where it appeared that a Patriot defender was the only one near the fumbled ball, fell on it, and looked to have it.� Then, for some reason, the ball ended up in the hands of a Giant, and, instead of Pats ball on the Giants 30 or so, the ball went back to the Giants.

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    A Disaster

    This loss makes the DOLPHIN look even greater.... No one will forget this one... Ever... what a burden.... Next season people are going to talk about it every day.... There are the Patriots, the team that blew a perfect season... on the last game....

    The only way to top this is by doing it all over again... We are New England and we are bad asses... we can do it all over... why not?

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    A Disaster

    Congratulations to the Giants on a great game.I knew the football gods were with them when Manning escaped the sack ( how?0and he completed that long pass on their last drive.It was Bad Karma for the Globe to send out pre-order notices for their '19-0' booklast Monday. Don't spite�the football gods!alief bohemian

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    A Disaster

    Hey Pats Fans!Your team just lost the Superbowl!What are you gonna do now?Make excuses?Cry?Point fingers?I have a finger for you, my middle finger straight up in the air!�
    Feel the PAIN!!!!! �You lost! Keep your Bean Town mouths ####.We are all sick of hearing how great your team is. Well�, I am hear to tell you that�your team lost the biggest game in NFL history!!!You are not the best ever,� period!!18-1�� Ha ha ha ha ha ha CHOKE !!!!!!

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    A Disaster

    Hubris is the greatest downfall of the New England sports fan. As high as it can take them it can also sink them to unbelievable lows, as we are tonight seeing. I saw fans on other forums say the Pats would go undefeated in the 08 season as well (before the loss in SB 42).

    It is poetic justice indeed that the one loss comes in the most important game and a game that renders the previous 18 wins meaningless. The scandal(s) that have dogged the Pats this season won't quickly abate. If anything they may intensify for this reason. Yesterday evening in AZ the NE Pats looked very much like a football team that DID NOT have the defensive playbook of their opposition.

    This is a loss that will not soon be pushed aside and forgotten. It has not only shaken and possibly destroyed the confidence of an aging team, it has shown the rest of the league exactly how to beat the Pats.

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    A Disaster

    Hey Cowboy fan,

    The fact that you even responded is a joke. Last time I checked, the Pats kicked the &@#& out of the Cowboys at their own house this season. Can you even remember far enough back to the last Superbowl the Cowgirls were in.

    I guess every #### nees to come out of the woodwork to rub it in. Have fun.

    And let's not forget...It's been just a little over 2 months since the Sox swept the World Series.

    Most of you anti-Boston/New England fans could only wish that you even be in the position that us Pats fans are this morning. All of you can go back tonenjoying your teams' mediocrityfrom the comnfort of your parent's basement.

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    A Disaster

    LOL, the Giants "D" only utterly destroyed the offensive line of the Pats. By the middle of the second quarter Brady was hearing footsteps on every play and had that "Deer in the headlights" look. Meanwhile Manning was as cool as the other side of the pillow and not only hung in there to get the job done he shook off the Pats blitz like a dog shakes water off his back.Without having�the defensive play book of THIS Giant team, the Pats looked like nothing more then a very ordinary and aging football team. Their dynasty has run it's course and while they won't be a cellar team they will not be close to what they were the past 5 years.

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    A Disaster

    You said it man! What is up with Pats fans lately? We had a great season, we were in it until the last 35 seconds, we came up a little ####. The Giants played a great game and won. They were hungry and they wanted it more.

    So we fall #### in the Super Bowl. Do you want to trade places with Buffalo fans 0-4, or MInnesota fans 0-4? We have now been to 6 Super Bowls in 24 years annd we are 3-3.

    We still have Brady, Welker, Maroney, Seymour, Thomas, we still� have Bill B and we still have Mr. Kraft.

    We'll be back.

    Devastating (for all those guys using that word) is when you wake up and the funny little guy selling shaving machines suddenly owns your team. Devastating is if you find out your Pats team moved to Harford. Devastating is if Brady's career is cut #### by an injury.

    This is just a tough loss, it's disappointing, that's all it is.

    To the new brand of Pats fans under 30-years-old: Winning is not a birth right.

    In the words of Bill Parcells, "this is a very humbling game."

    Get used to it, or go back to watching figure-skating.

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    A Disaster

    You re the biggest JERK in New York!� How many Super Bowl Wins do the G-Men have?� They only beat one of the best football teams in NFL History -� Can you say that???

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    A Disaster

    Hey, I gotta give you props just for your user names. The Ghosts of Patriots past.

    The thing that sucks is that it was there to take and it didn't happen. All the Spygate crap and rubbing it in cause of that is just pathetic crap coming from the Beavis and Butthead types who don't have anything of subtance to say and just waste this space with a bunch of rhetoric emphasized in large fonts. Those idiots should try to come back with something half-intelligent to say or stay of of the friggin' board.

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    A Disaster

    BLAME!?!� It's not about Blame, Boston Globe - you got it dead wrong.� The PATS deserve much better than your pompous question of 'whos to blame?'SHAME on the Boston Globe for the way they even framed this question - "Who's to Blame?"� That kind of thinking - that you MUST immediately BLAME someone after a FAIR Contest is lost by our team - is SO WRONG-HEADED I don't know where to start.It's not about Blame - Blame is synonymous with GUILT, as in 'Who's to BLAME for the ENRON Scandal' or 'Who's to Blame for the nightclub Fire'� -� It is language that has no place in a sport's discussion.� The team did it's best - there was� no contraversial or questionable decisions that rise to the level of invoking such strong language.Boston Globe - your question reminds me of the Fans at Fenway who boo thier own Players for whatever reason - fair weather fans like you are not true fans at all.� When OUR team loses after a near perfect season, after being admitted to - EARNING a Spot in - the Ultimate team game of the year - this team deserves support like you would give to your own child who played his/her heart out, but was simply out-done on the field.� You would NEVER tell your child that they are to BLAME for the loss, you tell them you admire the awesome abilities they showed by achieving the highest level of play and remind them that they outperformed nearly every single NFL team in existence.� SUPPORT THEM

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    A Disaster

    Despite what the haters may want to think, the reality is the Patriots still have the best program in the NFL . Their track record since 2000 is the best (by far , pretty much). Of course they lost, but won 19 of 20 games (better than anyone else obviously.)It is not even close, the Patriots are the most consistant winners in the NFL. I'm talking regular season and getting into and sometimes (mostly)�winning the SuperBowl. There is certainly no one for the Patriots to model themselves on, they already do it (win) more and �consistantly better than anyone in the NFL. Year in and year out occasional teams will peak for a few games (see 2007-08 NY Giants). But they cannot sustain excellence over any length of time like the Patriots. Cream rises and stays at the top. Any dog can get a hot a few times every couple of years. (Giants, Steelers, Colts)Any Giants players throw Coughlin under the bus yet ? They sure loved to when they were losers. I consider the Giants a classless bunch. Patriots don't whine about their coach in public and then pretend they love him )now). Oh yeah, that goes for Giants fans as well. Remember when you wanted Coughlin fired, shows how much you know. Hello Bandwagoner. �

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    A Disaster

    Hey I'm as huge of a Pats fan as the next person, but don't be ridiculous by blaming the refs. They were a non-factor in the overall outcome of the game. At least show some dignity and don't stoop to the level of all these A-holes on the board with their witty comments about Belichick, Spygate, 1986, 1918, etc.
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    A Disaster

    Quite frankly what I think it comes down to is that the Pats just got too cocky.� Everyone kept hyping the fact that we were going to have a perfect season, that we couldn't lose, we'd been to the big game and won so many times, blah blah blah.� Guess what, the Yankees had that same attitude for years regarding the World Series, and look what happened to them.While I'm sorry the Pats lost, I can't help but think it's a good thing that they were knocked down a peg or two.� It just means that next year they'll come back fighting a bit harder and not take it for granted when they do win again.

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    A Disaster

    Only one critisim.� I thought the Pats play calling at times was sloppy.� Why didn't they go for the field goal?� Instead they throw the ball out of bounds to a guy who is double covered?�� I thought one of the line backers like�OS or Strahan should have gotten the MVP.� Eli did ok.� His receivers made some great catches on poorly thrown balls. Especially near the end when he eluded the sack and the receiver cought the ball on the back of his helmet.Also Matt Light how many time has that guy killed scoring drives by false starting.� He should not be making those same mistakes by now.The Giants deserved it.�