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    A Disaster

    Ahh this is football...salary caps and free agency...look it up. Makes one helluva difference. And Im pretty sure its stupid to bring up the Yankees right now. Your Ny team the GIants just won and you want to flip it to a sport where we own the World Championship? Very bright...

    I agree with the sweatshirt thing. What the heck was he doing?!

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    A Disaster

    I agree fully.� A travesty - we were the best team in the league all season.� And it's not like we never played the Giants before.� They should have known what to expect.� Eli Manning is still nothing in my book.35 secs away from perfection - reminds me of the 1986 Red Sox�

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    A Disaster

    Uh-oh ... does this mean the NFC is no longer a weakling? Is the balance of power shifting?

    Great job, Giants! and great season, Patriots! Thank you both for a riveting Super Bowl.

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    A Disaster

    Who's to blame?� I think it was alien life forces that replicated the key Patriots players and it was in fact these replicates we watched in the game.�Am I the only one that saw the crop circles just outside�Phoenix in an aerial ####?� ~8- )We can all try and analyze what should have or might have�been.� In the end it comes down to�Manning out performing Brady and the Giants having a better game plan than the Patriots.� �At the end of the game I was left feeling� that Tom Petty's performance was better than Tom Brady's.� Brady can say he was 100% but 5 sacks and the incomplete and or rushed�passes tell a different story.�� Still and all 18 straight wins is�an amazing feat and they gave the fans an amazing season. We should still be proud.��

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    A Disaster

    Not sure if it was mentioned before but I would have liked to have seen the Patriots maybe try the 2minute offense or go 5 wide and make the Giants have to cover all their receivers.� I agree with many that the Giants simply out played the Patriots and I believe that the Giants also out coached the Patriots.� I don't think the offense made as many adjustments as they could have and I credit some of that to a young inexperienced offensive coordinator.

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    A Disaster

    Give credit to the GIANTS Defense.� They took Brady out of the game.� Welker and Faulk were really the only bright spots on the Pats offense.� The Giants just flat out outplayed New England.� Patriots Defense did not finish plays especially on the last drive.� And why did Belicheck decide to go for it when it was 4th and 13 ? It would have been a 49 yard field goal.� 18 Wins and one GIANT loss is not a championship.�

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    A Disaster

    Be a man and admit the giants played better. Jeez. Defense beats offense every time. Remember when the pats beat the rams?
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    A Disaster

    '72 Dolphins = GOAT

    �'07 Patsies = goats

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    A Disaster

    To be honest I thought we (including me) and the Pats were all getting a bit arrogant. I mean, Menino worried about the parade before the game, they were proclaiming victory all over before the game...
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    A Disaster

    � Good post. I think you are right, and I feel like we were outcoached. The Defense did the best they could. I wonder how Colvin would have changed the game if he were there. I felt like the Rush wasn't the same without him.

    I think the Pats have gotten away from what made them a Championship winning team. The SB winning teams we had were known for Defense first. I think everyone got caught up in building a monster offense this year, but neglected the Defense. Whether it's injuries or age, the Pats D while still good, has lost a step or two.

    I don't think McDaniels adjusted quick enough. I am not a Football expert by any means, but they seemed to be going for long passes for most of the game. When you are being blitzed non-stop why not throw #### passes or run a hurry up offense to try and slow the opposing team down?

    This will be a tough off-season, much like the one we had in 2003 when the Red Sox lost in the ALCS. I wonder how BB and Kraft will approach rebuilding the Defense. I think Seau and possibly Bruschi are done. Asante is probably going to take the money and go. Harrison is getting up there in age. Eugene Wilson has been a non factor and I think he's gone.

    Do we go for someone like Jason Taylor? BB has always preferred experienced LB's instead of raw talent. We've won Superbowls with Troy Brown playing defense, but I think BB has been patching up the Defense for a few years now. The offense took a lot of attention away from the fact our D while a Top 5 unit, wasn't the game changing dominating one of 2003 and 2004.

    They are still very very good, but not the best. And I think that was the difference last night.


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    A Disaster

    wakedogI just do not understand why they would try to do it that way.� For so many years now the Patriots trade mark has� been that if you take something away from them they will take what you give them.And as we saw once they went to the #### passing game they were able to move the ball and score despite several penalities.� But as you have pointd out they waited until the 4th QTR to play the way they needed to play to have a chnace to win the game.It is difficult to criticize a team that put up 18 straight wins but this game was so very different.� From the time they walked on the field it was different.� Their body language was different.� The play callng was different.� Perhaps all of the presure that has been building up finally got to them and they forgot how to win a game.��I think if they had done everything that we have seen they do in terms of play calling and we still lost, it would be a lot easier to stomach.�The game they played yesterday was a game they should have played in the middle of the season.� dboss

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    A Disaster

    Right On Brother!!!1st kudos to Champion Giants!Agree 100% Outcoached!!!a little hurry up offense and more #### passes..I really think the outcome would have beendifferent.......���

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    A Disaster

    As soon as I saw the red Hoody instead of grey, I feared all was lost.� There is a reason to be superstitious you know!

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    A Disaster

    First, props to the Giants, they played great, Eli is a champion, as was the Giants defensive line.

    Next: Belichick: WAKE UP! Tom Brady is only a human being. If you don't protect him and let him get beat up, a la the first-round play off loss to Denver a couple years ago, he starts throwing all wobbly and we lose. So protect him early!

    I'm glad Richard Seymour notes that it's only football, keep it in perspective, blah, blah. Richard, if you don't want to be rushing hard the whole game, get off the football field. At the risk of sounding like an idiot, because I know the Pats do complex things defensively, it looked like the D line brought a whole different kind of intensity on the last Giants drive that was not present during the rest of the game. Am I wrong? Can someone explain: was it just the guys weren't putting in that kind of maximal effort, or was something different being done in terms of personnel or rushing schemes on that last drive?

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    A Disaster

    �The pats, lost, simply because, they were beaten in every facet of the game. I dont mind they lost, but its how they lost. very bad play selection, poor tackling, awful pass defense. didnt even look ,like the team I see play all year, but so be it. last note, all 8 guys in my house, called the touchdown play, it was so easy, it was a no brainer, Hobbs, is now a offical member of the bill buckners hall of fame. out coached, outplayed outhustled, and out motivated, yet, had a chance to win, defense at the end, was criminal, but hey, life goes on. but memorys are long!�

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    A Disaster

    The Giants ate em up. After the GB game I could only sense as any of us might that after sticking it out all day in the cold to catch some turns, you'll ultimately pay a price for freezing your double z off. On warmer days you learn to conserve yourself by gaining complete control of your turns making for a better style of skiing throughout.

    Although, I could not see the game I had it up on nfl.com and watched as the hash marks lay down the plays of every drive. The AM radio broadcast fading in and out with the play by play.

    There's an old trick to teaching a dog new tricks, and it's simply allowing� them to�win. Challenge, but let them win. Score three points and let them score 7. Heat em up. Go the distance, keep it clean, dial in on the sacks, and double up on the fav... Keep pressing. Push. Drive. Hit.

    On the screen it appeared the Patriots missed a scoring drive in the 3q to pick-up a FG. Monday morning is calling me and it says the Pats should have had if only one objective, on any one possession to go for a FG. Score 3 pts. Instead, they let the Giants lurk.

    The Giants made their own chances, and kept the winning score in sight the entire game through. 35 seconds to go and still, just one score to win. It was great football by a team that has stood the heat since the game began.

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    A Disaster

    Its funny, everyone is so gungho for the pats before they game happens.� Now its over and everyone says 'when does baseball start?'.� Really great fans to have.I actually expected more people to be blaming Menino, and the red sweatshirt.This sorta seems like a karma thing, everyone says the Yanks choked against the Sox, now the Pats choked against the Giants.It just happens, its a game, no one can predict how they are gonna play.� Obviously the Giants decided to pour it on.� They had nothing to lose even if they lost the game.� the pressure was on for the Pats.� I had said this back at the regular season against the Giants, the Pats were better off to lose that game and still make the playoffs.� Its better to lose when it doesnt matter than to lose a game where you are done if you lose it.� So what about a perfect season, it didnt help them.� You can only go so long without a loss, its inevitible�that they would have to lose sometime.�

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    A Disaster

    Fargo, Interesting post.� I agree, but not from the attitude perspective, more so from the style of play perspective.� Similar to the Rams and the 04 colts.� Yet, the pats had a much much better defense.� While giving up yards, and points on big plays or field goals, the D was the ultimate bend but don't break team.� I can't remember the Rams D (was it good).� I know the colts 04 D�was not.� The takeaway is that as good as the Giants D was (and the front 7 was phenomenal), the pats O still put the team in position to win.� And while the D gave up yards on that final drive, we might not be discussing this if Hobbs didn't slip (no different than the Giants defender's slip on Brady's TD throw.� That said, both Moss and Burress were perfect for those situations given their size.� And I will say this about the Pats O - and maybe more specifically about Brady:� Near the end of the year, the O seemed to be pressing the pass game a little too much.� As an indy fan, it was reminisent of one of the things I sometimes don't like about Peyton Manning.� Sometimes he feels like he can or should take over the game with his arm.� Brady seemed to be operating like that near the end of the year.� And with 48 passes last night.� That seemed to be the case again.

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    A Disaster

    EIGHTEEN AND ONE!!� That has just as good of a ring to it as NINETEEN EIGHTEEN!!� Get used to it New England sports fans because you are never going to live this one down. Ever!!� The Patriots just went from being the greatest team ever to being a double digit favorite that folded under the pressure of 18-0 and got outplayed by a 10-6 team.��Tom Brady is no longer in the coversation about who is the greatest quarterback ever. He is great but he is not in the coversation anymore when you start talking about Elway and Montana.� Joe never threw an interception in a SuperBowl and everytime he got to the big game with a great team he won and in three of those games won big.� Brady took an undefeated team into a Super Bowl and lost managing only 14 points in the process.� End of discussion. This is a worse loss than any of the Red Sox losses. Yeah, the Red Sox lost but it is not like anyone would have remembered the 86 or 03 Red Sox as anything other than an average champion. Those teams had no historical significance beyond finally winning one in Boston. But this Patiots team had a chance to do something no other team had ever done. It had a chance to be the 27 Yankees or the 96 Bulls. The kind of team you tell your grand children you saw play.� Now after one flat game, they blew it all. I think I would rather have an ordinary crappy team and go 5-11 than go 18-1.�Five and eleven stinks, but at least you can forget about it.� You will never forget this one, as long as you live. �

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    A Disaster

    As a Pats fan, I say congrats to the Giants, their defense played a great game. Secondly, we also saw how slow and old the Pats offensive tackles looked last night. They got beat down on most pass plays. Third, the choice not to got for the field goal in the first half and go for 4th and 13 was crazy. This may have been the (worst) play of the game. I was depressed last night but not as moch as the guy who has 10,000 undefeated T-Shirts in his garage.
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    A Disaster

    Why isn't anyone talking more about the decision to go for it on 4th and 13 instead of kicking the 48 yard field goal? Make that field goal and the game is tied at the end, and Brady's got a #### in OT. Instead, Bill decides for some reason only he knows to go for it and leave 3 points on the table. Why? Just because Gostkowski had struggled on that earlier kickoff? All the more reason he'd probably come back determined to prove he can make it. And I like his chances of making that field goal more than the odds of completing a long pass to Gaffney on 4th and 13. That was Belicheck's Grady Little moment, if you ask me. He should have to answer for that. I'm tired of his arrogance -- it cost us this game. And then to walk off with his players still on the field, after an official told him the game wasn't over yet, was the height of classlessness. He should be fined by the league. I haven't felt this bad since the Boone homer.
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    A Disaster

    The Giants played the same game that the Patriots played in 2002. We got beat by our own game.�Plus,�people seem to overlook how Brady�really did NOT play well during the last four games which left him vulnerable last night, and the Giants took advantage of that vulnerability. But perhaps people will now get off our backs and we can look forward to a new year of possibilities. I'd�take a fourth ring�over a perfect season anyday. But yes...it would have been sweet :)

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    A Disaster

    But Pats can still keep their 'Perfection of Spying' title. Some news mentioned that they could even be stripped off of their (one of the) previous Super-Bowl title. What a class-less team !!!
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    A Disaster

    But Brady did his job. He scored to put them ahead with less than two minutes to go. The defense gave up an 80+ yard drive. All they had to do was hold them once and the game is different and they couldn't do it.� No one bothered to notice that the Patriots gave up four 80+ drives against Jacksonville. They gave up four long drives against San Diago. Had LT been healthy and available in the red zone, San Diago probably scores a couple of touchdowns and wins that game.� I never understood how you could win a championship much less go 19-0 with such an average defense.� Eventually, your offense has an off day.� The 1999 St. Louis greatest show on turf had an off day against both the Bucs and the Titans. The 49ers had an off day against Cincinatti in the Super Bowl. But those teams had very good defenses that could step up and bail the offense out. New England didn't and that is why they lost.�

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    A Disaster

    I was disappointed, but the Giants deserved the win.
    The only thing I would like to bring up is the fact that the offensive line of the Patriots did not defend Tom Brady as well as did their opponent when they had the ball.