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    Any method to the madness?

    What the heck are the Eagles doing? It seems they are just dumping all of their half decent players, except McNabb of course because Reid loves him so much. So far they have dumped:
    Correll Buckhalter - RB - Broncos
    Brian Dawkins - S - Broncos
    Greg Lewis - WR - Pats
    Lito Sheppard - CB - Jets
    Tra Thomas - OT - Jaguars

    Granted they do have Westbrook, Buckhalter has been pretty solid for them filling in when Westbrook gets hurt (pretty much at least once a game, McGahee style). Brian Dawkins is Mr. Philadelphia Eagle himself, I feel like our equivalent would be releasing Bruschi or Troy Brown. Lewis was on of their 2134324 recievers, so thats no big deal. Lito Sheppard in my eyes is better than Assante, but they invested all that money in him last year I guess they have no choice. Tra Thomas is a three time pro-bowler and was just signed today by the Jags. I understand getting rid of some players to make way for new ones, but it seems that the Eagles are just letting their good talent go.

    Thoughts? Comments?
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    Any method to the madness?

    The Iggles have been lurking around just outside the door with roughly this collection of players for six or seven years. At some point, I guess you have to decide to reload.

    Either that or Lurie's going broke.
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    Any method to the madness?

    With all those players Phili has Zero rings.
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    Any method to the madness?

    Yeah, ZB, but most of that marginal talent that Denver paid for was better than what the had on the roster last year (Dawkins). All of Denver's signings seem to be short term fixes. They still have to build (especially on D) through the draft. #12 overall could net them some one like Mauluaga or Brown or Jenkins. I might even trade up to get Raji if I was Nolan or Mc Daniels.

    As for the Eagles. It is purge both of salary and age. You look at the Giants (Osi, Tuck, Manning, Jacobs, Bradshaw, Ross, Webster) and they have a very good corps of young players that should keep them in contention for the next four years The Eagles have to rebuild and retool if they plan on keeping up with the Giants. Plain and Simple. I like Dawkins, but he has lost a step and sooner or later a team has to realise that it's gone as far as it can go with certain players. Westbrook and Mc Nabb will stick around, but the Eagles need a serious infusion of young talented players if they want to compete for NFC East title.