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    ARod Update

    From the Daily News via Rotoworld-

    The New York Daily News reports that Alex Rodriguez "has had a long relationship with a steroid-linked trainer who's been banned from major league clubhouses."
    According to the newspaper, trainer Angel Presinal "was banned from private areas of every MLB ballpark after an October 2001 incident involving an unmarked gym bag full of steroids" and "accompanied" Rodriguez for the entire 2007 season while staying with the "cousin" who allegedly was his steroid source from 2001-2003. It took less than a week to cast serious doubt on Rodriguez's claim that he ceased using steroids in 2003 and there's no doubt that this is only the beginning of further investigative reports.

    The trainer did it, again.

    And I love the response from Cashman.

    Yankees general manager Brian Cashman was aware of Presinal's name but said that the exiled trainer had no official ties to the team.

    "He's never had any association with the Yankees," Cashman said. "Whether he knows our players or has worked with any of our players, I wouldn't be able to confirm that."

    I don't know how these things work, but I think if I were the GM, I'd have at least a modest interest in knowing who was training my players, who their private doctors were, etc.

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    ARod Update


    It's called "plausible deniability".

    I wouldn't be surprised if Cashman had someone ask someone to introduce Arod to Presinal.

    Any bets whether Posada's name pops up regarding the 2007 season?
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    ARod Update

    Man, the "I had no idea what was going on" line certainly is getting a workout.

    I think everyone in MLB, from the commissioner and owners, down to the equipment guys, have this tacked up on their office walls.
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    ARod Update

    One of the great strengths of the Sox is the quality of medical staff, training programs, shoulder specialists, strength and conditioning coaches, etc. Smoltz, Penny and Baldelli all say they picked the Sox in part because of these experts and programs. I just don't understand how the Yankees could ever allow things like this to happen.
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    ARod Update

    A-rod's nose just keeps getting longer with every tear jerking press conference and interview. I would think that he (A-roid) has people around him that can advise him on what to say and how to say it. First he refuses to comment on the matter. Then in an interview with Gammons he admitted to using over the counter substances he purchased in the Dominican Republic from 2001-2003, but claimed he didn't know what those substances were. He then admitted to knowing what the substance was and remembered that it was his cousin who gave it to him. Now it appears that he lied again when saying that the substances he took were over the counter, as it was stated on ESPN that it was not over the counter nor legal in the Dominican Republic in '01-present. My point is this-Who the fu** is coaching him on what to say? Why did he throw his cousin under the bus for no apparent reason? (The feds will be after him too I would presume). How did he "misremember" what substance he was taking and the legality of it being over the counter vs. illegal when purchased. These are things he would have had to have known. Don't give that "I thought it was flaxseed oil" bullsh**." I think A-rod and his circle have handled this about as bad as humanly possible. His story changes by the hour and not to mention he's a horrible actor and seems insincere with all of his apologies. He just needs to come out and tell the whole truth, cut the BS, and try to finally put this whole A-fraud thing behind him. Until then, I don't believe much about this guy's story.
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    ARod Update

    I just read this story. This is a real stunner. The details, if true, clearly suggest that AROD has defined his entire career around illegal and unethical behavior and that he fundamentally believes that he is untouchable and above everyone else. The arrogance suggested by this story boggles the mind. The Yankees response continues to be incoherent and always one step behind the curve. Sorry -- this is an umitigated disaster for AROD and the Yankees. And, no, it is not just about MLB in general, or the Sox. This guy has an illegal traveling pharmacy with him traversing the country so that he can replace Babe Ruth as the world's greatest. This is totally outrageous.
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    ARod Update

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    ARod Update

    I believe ARod's been spitting out a lot of half truths so far. Now the press is digging, and I think, it'll get much worse for him. Now we find out this steroid wasn't sold in DR and a banned trainer. Should have just told the whole truth and then tried to move on as best he can. It seems like many people( at least 4 sources for SI story) know the other 103 names. Right now, I guess I'd like to see all the names released, so we can, hopefully, start moving past this. If not, than these names will come out piecemeal, and continue dragging baseball down. If names were released, MLB can say we have tougher testing in place now, game is cleaner now(not 100%), and we're cracking down on the abusers.

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    ARod Update

    "One of the great strengths of the Sox is the quality of medical staff, training programs, shoulder specialists, strength and conditioning coaches, etc"

    Which explains why Schilling missed the whole year, Ortiz could barely play, Becketts numerous problems, Manny's fake injury, do I need to go on. Great Strenght.

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    ARod Update

    The Possbilty that A-Rod hasn't continually done steroids since he started to the present day don't even pass the laugh test !! The real question is when did he start ?? It is amazing how stupid most of these guys are !! I guess that's the one thing in all of his "Admissions" that rings true, He is Stupid !! Alex, you have the money already, do yourself a favor and forget the extra 30 mil on the back end, all it will do is bring further shame to you, your family, and on what was once a proud organization !! A-Rod may not last the season !!

    GO SOX 2009 !!
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    ARod Update

    Some of you fans are sick the way you feast on this crap.....and most of it is generated by the even SICKER media people.........TAKE THE GAME BACK FOLKS !
    And there are MORE cheaters all around lets not narrow our search and crucification too narrowly here

    We are trying to take the game back by excoriating those individuals that cheated. You should join us.
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    ARod Update

    Oh PLEASE.......and Ortiz knew this SAME trainer very well, so give up the conjecture and get a life.....
    STOP worrying about Arod and the likes and concentrate on Sox baseball.

    The difference being, from what has been put forth thus far, is that Papi and other DR players have had relatively loose connections with Presinal during the offseason, compared to A-Rod, who had Presinal with him as late as, and throughout, the 2007 season.

    As far as focusing on the Sox and not the steroid situation, I would say most of us are capable of walking and chewing gum at the same time. But I agree, for those of you who are not capable of such, that is pretty good advice.