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    Asante Samuel in 2008

    I really see Asante having a poor year in 2008 with the Eagles.  Asante was clearly a product of the system and not worth the $$ he was paid.  I don't have any anger towards Asante's departure from the pats, but I just don't think he'll have anywhere near the same production with the Eagles.  Thoughts?
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    Asante Samuel in 2008

    Time will tell on your prediction. Frankly I find it heavily biased in NE's favor- which does not surprise me in the least.

    Clearly- the Eagles knew what they were doing when they acquired him- when you are going up against Plaxico Buress and Terrell Owens twice a season- they were simply trying to neutralize the deep threat of NFC East competitors.

    Samuel is a very talented athelete and the Eagles have one of the best defenses in football, led by Jimmy Johnson.  To brush aside his talent and prospects because he is no longer a Patriot is not remotely objective or even keeled. Granted- I am in fact an Eagles fan, I thin kyou would find that many agree with me on this one.

    Many other Pats have gone on to have productive and admirable careers elsewhere in the league. I wish the Patriots good luck this season- I think with the NFL's easiest schedule- it will be simpler than ever for them to dominate the news and for fans to get all over-zealous once again, I even see an easy SB win (effectively killing off much of my interest in the season before it has started).

    As a good sportsman/woman- I would ask that you consider wishing the Eagles luck- as they play in the most competitive division in football, and they invested in Samuel to make a difference.
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    Asante Samuel in 2008

    it doesn't really matter what Samuel does or doesn't do with another team. The question really is how does his departure affect the patriots.

    Regardless of whether or not his success with the pats was a product of scheme or singular personal excellence, whatever it was, it was excellent and now that no longer exists for the pats.

    Can the pats plug someone into his spot and have no drop in production? It is possible but immediately unlikely. This departure hurt the pats.