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    Be careful with Tazawa, future

    some rumors may suggest losing tazawa instead of losing a first rounder in lue of a free agent signing. this may hurt us if true.

    classic case of burning our bridges.

    tazawa chose the sox, for reasons other than money, i think. would that hinder future overseas signings by doing tazawa wrong that way? others may think twice due to the sox shrewed treatment. taz would start with high hopes in a great organization, only to be shipped somewhere he did not want to go. say good bye to attracting any other japanese players.

    we have made steps towards luring good players from overseas, and that is the intent. if we stray from being loyal with these players, that tarnishes all that we are trying to do. that does not look good.

    do i have this all wrong? it may affect us down the road is all.

    you and i would be pissed, i know that!
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    Be careful with Tazawa, future

    Sox are not shipping him any where except Pawtucket. Having him at 3 mil for 3 years along with the additional 3 years of his rights is a damn cheap investment that many are calling a first round draft choice.

    They will exhaust all measures before they let this guy go.

    And let's not forget that Oki and Dice can tutor him on the life as a MLB pitcher coming from Japan themselves something that no (I believe) other team has available in Japanese pitchers who have been successful as they have.
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    Be careful with Tazawa, future

    Like I said before, the Rangers wanted Tazawa badly so don't be surprised if there is a deal in place down the road. We could also trade Clay and keep Tazawa if he out pitches him this spring.
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    Be careful with Tazawa, future

    Contrary to what Cashman said, there was no gentlemen's agreement in place that was violated. MLB says that the transaction was kosher. Taz came here because he idolized DiceK. I doubt if the FO has any intentions of trading him as it would disturb our relationship with Japan fans and annoy DiceK and Oki as well. I haven't read the article that you refer to but it sounds like speculation without foundation to me.

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    Be careful with Tazawa, future

    I;m just surprised htey only digned him for 3 years. He's only 22 or 23 right. By the time his cotract is up, hel be 25ish. We usually dt bring pithcers up until they are 25 anyway. EIther they htink he is far more devolped than the average minor leauger or he will only play for the pro club for half a year.