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    Big Floppi

    Yes. You're right! You are just asking for it. He's Big Papi...beloved Big Papi. Are you crazy?
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    Big Floppi

    i agree with you. But Papi did have a pretty good year last year albeit his HR were down but his average wat up at .337 so i think he had a pretty good year. What i see this year is that he has been hitting into the shift constantly, when he's not popping up on inside pitches. I think he needs a new aproach at the plate, with Manny behind him he could swing for the fences, but now i think his game plan needs to change. If he hit away from the shift his average would increase by so much i have no idea why he doesn't.
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    Big Floppi

    ynam-42 i totally agree with you. But i would imagine that the team would try to address that in some way in order to help him break the shift. Just because he is a pull hitter doesn't mean he can't learn how to break the shift and that is what frustrates me. I do agree that he should slap some more of those bunts down the line, he's got almost an automatic base hit. And as it is now almost every time he hits it on the ground to the right side he's out. Maybe not this year but i would like to see him at least attempting to break the shift.
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    Big Floppi

    i'll agree. he may have peaked as a player. i don't see him ever getting any better. that said, with the right mix of things he can still be effective when healthy. although, he might never really be well again. i mean, the dude obviously isn't a health nut.
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    Big Floppi

    ortiz is our best hitter with risp
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    Big Floppi


    dah....he had 6 rbi's and 2 hrs in one inning. So subtract that number and do the math.. I love the guy but he hasn't played well...I am not putting up a smoke screen just to please you. The guy has been a major bust this year...

    He is no longer a 50 hr/300+ avg./100+ rbi type of player. More like 30 hr/280 avg/100 rbi's.

    He isnt big clutch papi anymore...he is a shell of his former self...


    How many times did Ortiz hit 50HRs in the past?
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    Big Floppi

    He has not been the smiling laughing outgoing Grizzly- Teddy Bear clutch slugger this year for sure, probably because:

    1) He's hurt

    2) Papi has been a favorite of all of us including me but at the risk of being excommunicated or worse for heresy :Has any body else noticed any change in Papi's appearance-square jaw etc-wise? There is reason to query whether he may have been using "enhancers" in years past and is off the stuff--making him tire more easily ;take longer to heal etc.

    3) He misses Manny both in the lineup & in the club house. I never dug Manny's act but Papi apparently did-Lineup wise tho Youkilis has certainly produced stellar numbers & deserves serious MVP props(tho Carlos Quentin leads going into the turn) Manny was more to be feared (Pedroia who just 3 run homered also deserves serious MVP props-Hands down 10th Man Award this year-He is having the best season for a Sox 2b since Hall of Famer Bobby Doerr!)

    Papi will not likely be vintage Papi the rest of the way but he will produce
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    Big Floppi

    Big Papi IS A HITTER...pure and simple. How many times did Teddy Ballgame lay down a bunt to third to mess up the shift????? Can count on one hand without using the thumb and forefinger!
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    Big Floppi

    i am pretty sure most red sox fans would like for big papi
    to hammer the ball every at bat ...
    that is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much to expect
    of our beloved big man

    does he strike fear in pitchers still?
    i vote YES

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    Big Floppi

    Papi was never going to be a a dominant 12+ year player... he is more of a 6 to 8 year machine. There have been a lot of hitters like that throught the years, that is why Manny Ramirez is a hall of famer, because he dominates for 15+ seasons...

    Ortiz's time is up, even if he pops 30HRS next season......
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    Big Floppi

    Big Papi does get a free pass. Now go home, kick your dog, eat a kitten and plot your next serial kill.


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    Big Floppi

    What, you've got something against 12 year old kids, too?


    I wonder if anyone ever told you to take a hike in October of 2007 when you'd only been on this board a month?

    What could have driven you to have climbed aboard the fanwagon in September of 2007, Mr-or-Mrs-I-Joined-the-Board-the-day-Post-Season-2007-began?

    Regardless of your personal take on Papi, he's just magic, and you can't put out his flame with your odd take on his numbers.
    I was at Fenway the other day when he smashed two three-run homers in the very first inning, with an interrupted third home run in the game as well.

    He may have off days, but his ON days are so very ON.

    I will never understand statistician fans who can't seem to get into the emotionality of the game anymore.


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    Big Floppi

    You are correct ynnam, I was childish in my original post, but come ON, the title of your thread... Big Floppi?... what age should we estimate you to be judging by that?

    I stand by my comment about not being able to relate to statistician fans. I am always driven, elated, or done in by the emotionality of the game. I love my players and I love them whether or not they are on fire or slump, click, tingle, fly-out or fight with the FO.
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    Big Floppi

    I for one think Papi is going to be ok. I think injuries the past couple of years have taken their toll. But I still think he can and will produce at a high level. If he's healthy next year there's no reason I can think of that would stop him from putting up good numbers.
    And I don't think he's been a bust this year.
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    Big Floppi way he gets 130 rbis when he is batting 260. Use your head....his best yrs he was getting 130 rbis and he was batting near or over 300.

    RBI and batting average don't have the correlation you seem to think they do. I'd examine that a bit more closely.

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    Big Floppi

    [Quote]Hey Bert,

    Whats new? I know that there are sluggers who have brutal avg's like Dunn. But he also hits 40 hrs a year. But say Dunn hit 300, don't you think his RBI total could increase. Mind you if he hit 300 maybe his HR total would dip as well.

    I feel like I am in Bizzaro world...haha[/Quote]

    You could hit 1.000 and have 0 RBI if the guys batting ahead of you are sitting in the dugout. And you could hit .230 and win 2/3 of the triple crown. They simply don't correlate. At least not without some sick Jamesian calculus. Right now, if you look at the AL Top 10 in RBI and the AL Top 10 in Avg. only Youkilis is in both lists. A-Rod has 28 HR and is hiting .312 and can't crack the top 10 in RBIs. The two numbers just don't correlate like you want them to.