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    Bonds ties Hank Aaron

    Controversial slugger Barry Bonds tied Hank Aaron atop the all-time home run list by slugging No. 755. Sound off on Bonds here ...
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    Bonds ties Hank Aaron

    Hank Aaron is still the record holder as far as any right-minded baseball fan would argue. Aaron's 755 was achieved by a person who did not utilize performance drugs to reach that goal. Bonds should be ashamed of both himself and for spitting on the sport, one of our nation's great pastimes, and Aaron, one of the sports true legends.
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    Bonds ties Hank Aaron

    I hope he hits 900. Players have been using steroids since the 80s. MLB is getting what it deserves. It didn't mind the steroids in the mid to late 90s when all the home runs brought people back to the park after the strike. Selig, MLB, owners, everyone looked the other way.

    Go Barry!

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    Bonds ties Hank Aaron

    As I do with Rocky V, I will pretend this never happened....
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    Bonds ties Hank Aaron

    Bonds is a man of his era, blame Selig not Bonds.
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    Bonds ties Hank Aaron

    Bonds was a first ballot HoF before he started using. That's not particularly debatable.

    He's a jerk and doesn't deserve any records, and it's good he's never going to win a WS.

    Does he deserve what he's getting now? Probably. But why aren't we screaming for Sosa's head, or all the pipsqueaks who hit 20-25 homers a year in the heart of the steroids era? How many of the Sox do you think were taking roids so that they could keep up with the crowd and recover from injuries more quickly so they could keep their jobs - or to rip off ticketholders and put up power numbers? I think a lot.

    Crucify Bonds, that's fine. But start looking at every one who had a 'miraculous' recovery from an injury or suddenly started hitting with slugging percentages .300 higher than they had a career average for from 95 onwards. You may find some of your favorite players on that list.

    So make sure you spread your hate around or be a hypocrite. Very few were innocent.

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    Bonds ties Hank Aaron

    i'm amused by all the a-rod lovers all of a sudden. like he'll set the record straight...please... i say 75% chance he's juiced too.

    this is a nation of win at all costs, especially when $ is involved. hell, mike schmidt acknowledged that if he knew about steroids back in the day he might have tried it too. bonds is a ####, no doubt, but he is no different than at least 25% of all major league players, not just baseball either.

    here are some sox i suspect juiced in '04: nixon, damon, nomar. i'm sure i'm overlooking a few.

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    Bonds ties Hank Aaron

    A-ROD has a long way to go to be in BONDS position.
    he may NEVER reach there?
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    Bonds ties Hank Aaron

    Statement of fact,
    BONDS has NEVER, and I do mean NEVER tested positive for STERIODS.

    Everyone thought BONDS would have shrunken in size by now,
    He's still the same size and still crushing the ball.


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    Bonds ties Hank Aaron

    Barry Bonds is only one of MANY baseball players who cheated in the Steroid Era of Baseball. In earlier years,players cheated with amphetamines... I think I heard that included Pete Rose.

    The real problem with Barry - is Barry. He is high profile, refuses to admit, and treats us - the fans of the game - as idiots. Everything I read about him suggests that the writer(s) of the articles don't like him. Even some of his team-mates seem to not like him. So what we have is an unlikable, mysteriously-late-developing SuperStar who everyone can not trust. Is this a recipe for respect? admiration? canonization?

    I think not.
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    Bonds ties Hank Aaron

    I wonder what red sox fans would be saying if Barry Bonds were to be traded here...and before everyone goes off on this- remember what fans said about Corey Dillon / Randy Moss before they become Patriots- that they were total losers and don't deserve to be a Patriot, etc...

    Yeah- Bonds may have been on steroids- but to hit a home run takes a lot of effort- including having great hand-eye coordination / technique,etc... all of this is something unique that Bonds has- that's why he has been able to do it year after year...

    I do give credit for what Bonds has accomplished - and like it or not- he is a great home run hitter!!

    Same for A-Rod- the guy is having a phenomenal year- so have to give him credit for this!!

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    Bonds ties Hank Aaron

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    Bonds ties Hank Aaron

    Barry Bonds is a good player and could have been a great player, however the aligation that he used steroids and cheated really sours the whole experience. Hank Aaron will still be the greatest hitter in baseball and in my mind hold this record even after barry fades into nothingness. He was a pure hitter and did not need drugs to assist him. Barry on the other hand cheated his way into the record books.

    I dont know why ESPN is giving this guy so much play, there is no excitement to me becuase I know in the back of my head each time I see him on ESPN that this guy is getting all this attention by cheating. Yeah I know the critics who say, steroids or not you still have to hit the ball... but how may home runs would have not been homeruns if he was not juiced up. Would we be even at this point if barry had not used... who knows and that is why this record that barry is breaking is tarnished, because of the very fact that it is not a pure record.

    I know that me and most of my friends change espn when we see that putz come on the TV. I wish to god there was another sports channel that had some balls to not be covering this assclown. By following him we show that we have no respect for Hank Aaron and his accomplishments. To even put Barry Bonds in the same breath as Hank is an insult.

    Barry is an assclown and has ruined the purity of one of the greatest records in sports.

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    Bonds ties Hank Aaron

    What I thought was hilarious is that;

    A) The majority of fans in SD booed him which didn't surprise me

    B) Bud Selig the commissioner was shown not only not clapping as Bonds rounded the bases but that he was shown yawning as well!

    At lease the silver lining is that A-Rod hit is 500th last night and it will only be matter of time before he surpasses Bonds and wins the alltime HR lead LEGITIMATELY whether you like him or not.

    Who knows? If Larry Lucchino has his way A-Rod may very well be in a Red Sox uniform next year....

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    Bonds ties Hank Aaron

    a turd with legs
  16. This post has been removed.

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    Bonds ties Hank Aaron

    Great carreer after baseball in hat sales.
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    Bonds ties Hank Aaron

    Unfortunate but all too likely to be true. It is still a feat for anyone on any substance to make the kind of contact that Bonds did. Steroids don't hit homers but perhaps he had a few extra years. Let's say that Roger did not use drugs, he still had an "unfair" advantage because of his physical characteristics. Whenever we get holier than thou, we can get into trouble.
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    Bonds ties Hank Aaron

    Man - what goes here? I thought us Red Sox fans are supposed to be very knowledgeable about baseball? After reading some of these boneheaded comments about how Bonds sucks, etc. - I think otherwise. We don't have to0 like Bonds and without a doubt he has a horses**t personality and attitude but what the dude has accomplished on the field is still remarkable; steroids or no steroids. Would he have broken the all-time HR record without juice? Who knows for sure but he still will be considered by baseball historians one of the greatest players of his generation whether we like it or not. You have to remember he faced a ton of pitchers who were juiced up too. Remember, long before he was ever accused of steroid use he still was '86 Rookie of the Year, won 4 NL MVP's (has 7 total), countless Gold Gloves and Silver Slugging Awards, twice named Major League Player of the Year (3 total), is a perennial All-Star, lead the leagues in OPS, On Base %, Slugging %, 40-40 man and all that good stuff. Oh yea, and he's has more BB than anyone else ever in the history of the game (2,550+ still counting). As much as I don't like man (and that little #### earring he wears) I'll still give the guy his due as far as smoking a baseball out of the park. I respect Jim Leyland and he said Bonds was the greatest baseball player that he's ever seen play the game and that says a lot about his talent. I mean, it's not like this guy is Milli Vannilli. That's my 2 cents 'Nuff said.

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    Bonds ties Hank Aaron

    • Three little words. HUGE GIGANTIC HEAD!
    • Ears and fingernails continue to grow throughout a lifetime, craniums do not..............
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    Bonds ties Hank Aaron

    When Bonds breaks the record, I hope he hits it late in a game during a night game where it is like 1:30 AM here and most of America is sleeping. I think that would be an appropriate response to him when he hits the record. Be sleeping in bed and not giving Barry "Steriod" Bonds his due at the time of the record. The morning when hearing his achievement is all over the news, just change the channel to something finding out what Paris "Airhead" Hilton is doing to get into trouble again.

    Raise your glasses and toast the true Home Run King.

    Henry Aaron!!!!!!

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    Bonds ties Hank Aaron

    I always thought that, once he got to 754, every opposing pitcher should intentionally walk him at every at bat for the rest of his career, so he could never tie or break Aaron's record. Maybe that's cheating, but what goes around comes around.

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    Bonds ties Hank Aaron

    What I really hope happens is this: Barry Bonds hits the ball over the wall and rounds the bases, however as he approaches home, he clutches his heart which is undersized for pumping blood through his enlarged body, and he falls to the ground with an outstretched hand, barely missing home plate by one inch. Officially, it is not a home run because he failed to touch home plate yet the umpire gives him the base. The league reviews the situation and decides that it is not a home run so, he remains tied with Aaron. He survives but never plays ball again. He spends his days thereafter, lecturing kids about the misuse of supplements and sports.
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    Bonds ties Hank Aaron

    I agree, who cares. The sad piece about all of this is that everyone knows he cheated and he is still lying about it. I am a fan that wants to see the game played on natural talent. I don't mind seeing people work out, lift weights, take vitamins, eat healthy, but steroids, are different.

    And another thing, I know that there are racist people out there, but I guarantee you if this was A-Rod, hopefully he does not do it as a Yankee, or Ken Griffey Jr, there would not be so much blantant hostility toward them. Why? Two reasons. One, no one thinks they are cheating and two, they treat their fans and the media with respect. Bonds is so full of himself, I'm surprised he can get out of his own way. And he has the Schilling Disorder of constantly putting his foot in his mouth and saying the most absurd things which makes people dislike him even more. No one can relate to this guy and he plays the victim. He always has encounters with the media, his teammates, fans and about anyone who comes across his path. If people liked him or felt some empathy toward him they might care more.

    He'll join Ty Cobb as one of the most disliked players in the history of the game. And you know what, he deserves every bit of it.
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    Bonds ties Hank Aaron

    i blame mlb for this. they have never made a real effort to crack down on steroids. but after seeing what it has done to cycling, who can blame them? if we start losing all of the best players. if we lost schilling, big papi, manny and youk (random names) would we still want to root for our team? would every game still sell out? how can selig force owners to enforce rules that will kill their ticket sales (especially in towns that already have weak ticket sales)? we're in between a rock and a hard place.

    clearly bonds is not the only player to ever be accused of using steroids. clearly there isnt enough testing to catch anyone with any intelligence or a good doctor. what every sport needs is weekly testing all year long. the players association would never go for it. but i think thats whats needed. this attitude of guilty until proven innocent is just ugly for both the players and the fans. you need only look at cycling, the cleanest sport out there, where everyone talks only about doping.

    hank aaron was much more of a class act and i think this is a travesty. but you cant blame bonds for any of it if he is getting away with it. you have to blame the rules makers.