�I still say Tom Brady is over- rated and always has been. Tom has never been able to throw the ball long down the field. He is great at the #### stuff,dump off's, screens, 10 yards and in ,but has no skill or gut's to throw the ball deep down the� field. Bledsoe,Flutie and Grogan had the arm's and the balls to throw the ball consistantly down the middle of the field and make big plays. Without great field posistion Brady is an average QB. Past Patriot teams alaways gave Tom the ball at the 40 yard line and usally scorred a touch town or two to kill the other teams spirit.

Brady's stats are misleading as his #### throws sometimes lead to long gains as the receivers run for 10 to 20 yards after catching the ball.�

When Brady hears foot-steps he will not stay in the pocket and give his receivers the chance to get down the field and make a catch. Brady will usually throw the rock away or go ####. Brady has taken very� few hits his whole career because of this tactic.Not one concussion for Brady !!!

The Pats would have won 5 titles in the last decade if Bledsoe or Grogan or Flutie was the starting QB.

Brady will go to the Hall of Fame because he was at the right place at the right time .

Old school