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    Brown is back

    I'm happy to have Mr. Patriot back, b/c he has the heart of a champion, but, at the same time, WR is crowded. I'd keep him over Big Eyes right now, b/c, when the game is on the line, Mr. Patriot *catches* the ball. When Brady is in trouble, it's TB who finds a way to get open. If his knee holds up, I think his versatility keeps him on the roster one more year.
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    Brown is back

    To all the skeptics about Troy's capabilities at age 36, here is what I have to say - he may not have had the yards last year that he had in the past, but he was put in for short routes. Lest us not forget his 27-yard run at the end of the season...so he does still have the ability to run. His quick mind and agility are still unflappable..turning his mentality from receiver to defensive back on his strip of the ball in the playoff game against SD. And let us not forget another famous #80, who played into his forties and was still agile and able. I would rather have TB on this team than Caldwell, Gaffney or Washington. In a tough situation, he is still the man to trust with the ball. And as Tom Brady has said, if you look up "Patriots" in the dictionary, you'll find a picture of Troy Brown.

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    Brown is back

    the patriots organization owe troy brown... A LOT. now, the organization should do its part to bring this great player back with a decent pay cheque given to him for next season.
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    Brown is back

    I personally like the move. I wouldn't have been surprised if he didn't come back but BB has pretty much said all season, he can come back if he wants to so he was a man of his word. Don't think that will be missed by the other players.

    I do think there is a ton of depth at WR.

    1-3 Moss, Stallworth, and Welker are locks.

    4- Washington, Caldwell, Gaffney will fight for slots 4-5

    6- TB (inactive most games-- see below)

    PUP- Jackson (whether he is or not). If he's healthy and blows everyone away then he'll fight for slots 4&5 and one of those is the lone main out.

    Practice Squad- Bam, Klight, and the others

    I think a big thing is that 8 people are inactive every game. I really don't see TB getting a lot of playing time unless (1) someone gets hurt at either WR or DB (2) Moss or Stallworth become head cases and we cut the rope or (3) we have a team where bringing in a ton of WRs is prudent.

    I think TB's main role will be to mentor, start the transition to asst coach, and give competition in training camp. BB has shown in the past he'll go with the best guys regardless or rep. I'm also pretty sure TB is getting the vet minimum or close to it and won't cost too much against the cap.

    I personally wouldn't be surprised if he gave it a go in camp, the knee wasn't completely back, and he decided to retire a Patriot (and hopefully become a coach).

    It'll definitely be interesting to see how it unfolds and I for one like this situation WAY more than last year.

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    Brown is back

    Troy comes up with great plays every year the greatest being stripping the ball from the Chargers Defensive Back.

    He is worth every penny that Kraft pays him.

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    Brown is back

    Unfortunately his skills are diminished as an every day WR but his use in the defensive backfield might come in to play this season. (And may allow the pats to keep a younger\better WR to fill out the WR position.)

    A good signing based on current needs for the PATS.

    Maybe Troy can tell Brady to stop playing kissy-face with his HOT chain-smoking girlfriend around manhattan!!!!!!! What a wuss!!!!

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    Brown is back

    I am extremely happy he resigned with the pats. He is what they are all about, team first. I would like to see him in a roll as a 15-30 catch WR, and part time coach. Maybe breed him for a OC/Special teams coach.
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    Brown is back

    Troy Brown does suck.......now.

    Never fall in love with your veterans especially in football. He won't make it through the entire season so why waste a roster spot on him at WR. (Unless they end up playing him at corner which may be the case this year because they're weak in that area.)

    Suck may be too strong of a word in his case as well.

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    Brown is back

    Yes!! I am ecstatic that Troy is back!!!!!

    Woooo hooo!!!
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    Brown is back

    Troy Brown is worth his weight in platinum to the Pats. Here are the reasons:
    1) Brady is right about Troy's role as the Patriot's Poster boy. His character, work ethic, humilty, team first ethic, and his do-or-die style of play on the field is more critical to the team during this transition to the "new guard" than ever in Troy's career.
    2) Don't ever under-value the "smurf" factor. Tom needs at least two smurfs at all times. Yes, Welker imay prove to be s the ultra-smurf of all time, certainly for the Pats, but as Tom would readily admit, Troy's understanding of Tom's low-throw style is something even Welker will need a year to adjust to.
    3) Let's face it, he's still a tremendous athlete that has always proven the ability to rise to the occasion under when most needed, as proven by his San Diego miracle just one year after his Denver fumble. He's not perfect, but I'll bet my money that Troy will never choke again. We need guys on the team that we can bank on, and Troy, no matter how long in the tooth, has all his chokes behind him.
    4) Fans matter!!! And the fans love Troy, and Troy deserves the ring we'll win this year. :-)

    GO PATS!!!!!
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    Brown is back

    Of course. Troy should get a like Tim Wakefield's and alway have a place in the Patriots organization.

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    Brown is back

    Winning teams make winning moves and signing Troy to a deal is in all of our minds a winning move. Go troy............