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    Cassel or O'Connell?

    O'Connel beat Matt Guttierez out in training camp and preseason; how can people be calling for Matt over O'Connel?

    O"Con can also run; he was one of the fastest QB's at the combine and showed the ability to scramble for the first down in preseason.

    Cassel looked lost in his first start and I agree with those posters who said he would have thrown multiple picks if the Dolphins DBacks were worth a damn. The multiple oppourtunities in the redzone including the pick were enough for me.

    Give Cassel another half of football to make somethng happen, otherwise put OConnel in.
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    Cassel or O'Connell?

    I know it's tough to see the Pats get crushed, especially by the Dolphins, but chill the fug out. If you haven't noticed, Matt Cassell has won 2 of his first 3 starts in the NFL. Now despite what you think about him and his future, he deserves more of a chance than 1 loss. Talk about a tough crowd.

    Throwing O'Connell in there is a bad idea...give the kid at least half a year to learn the system. Look at it this way...with the way our O-Line looks it'll be better to throw Cassell to the wolves than O'Connell because Cassell's most likely gone after this year anyways. To me the game was lost on the O & D lines more than at QB. The Dolphins were hungrier and better prepared. This year's gonna be tough no matter who we have back there, so appreciate what the Pats have done you spoiled little bitchz and like Fitzy says, "It's time to sackup with the backup!"

    PS Fantasy Football is ruining your lives.
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    Cassel or O'Connell?

    I think there is a whole lot of overreaction. If you don't like Cassell, remember you don't see him practice. You don't understand where O'Connell is in his development. Kevin tearing up cut players in the pre-season doesn't mean he could step in and do better. I certainly wish Brady were healthy, but ol' Bill has forgotten more about football than we will ever know. And he is not prone to making emotional decisions. Keep the faith.
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    Cassel or O'Connell?

    geesh, a couple of lousy games and the whole tenor of this board changes. Everybody p*ssed off at eachother, while some idiot like "TomBradyMVP2008"(sp.) is laughing his b*lls off in his mom's basement. Anyway, I'm kinda finding myself agreeing with 'dbklw" here. We have been able to put up extremely anemic numbers against three of the worst teams in the NFL, and the outlook doesn't get much better unless some decisions get made. Either write this season off -which coming on the heels of a huge raise in ticket prices, could be a real dumb move by Kraft Inc. - or, go for broke. Put in O'Connell, Goots, hell, if Troy Brown hadn't gone and retired today, I would feel better about him leading this team than Cassel. The operative word here being "lead". Sorry, but the intangibles, the qualities not just measured in stats, the ability to inspire your team to want to give thier all when you are on the field, well, these are MIA when it comes to Matt C.. We all give BB and Mr. Pioli a total walk when it comes to personel decisions, but I just don't get what they see in this guy. He just does not posess it, and I think it would take a lot more than BB's or Pioli's insistance that he does, to convince me otherwise.
    Yes, it's just a game. But it's our game. I have followed the Patriots since the days when the N.Y. Giants were the local team (I know, yeccch!). And we as fans feel a certain ownership in this team after the Sullivans, Orthwein et al. So yeah, we want change and we want it now. If Cassel is the QB, then you gotta figure the season is a wash, let's get ready for 2009. If you want to make a run, even if it's unrealistic, then get someone else under center. The team owes the fans some kind of answer, I would think. I know there are those raring to tear my head off at the suggestion that the N.E. Patriots owe me or any other fan anything, but part of what has been so great about the past 8 years is that feeling of redemption that we all were able to share in.
    Myself, I hope they continue to commit to thier winning ways in spite of the difficulties this season presents. Throw Cassel under the bus, and hope that the team rallies behind who ever gets the nod.
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    Cassel or O'Connell?

    I think the best thing for Belichick and Pioli to do would be, since this team may be challenged to make the playoffs this year (the schedule is more challenging than first thought) to give the ball to O'Connell. In terms of many of the skills necessary to be an NFL quarterback he has a lot more than Matt Cassell. No knock on him. Really. But O'Connell would benefit from the experience. The only thing that makes me hesitate to do this is the offensive line, which is increasingly becoming a problem. Dante Scarnecchia is a great line coach, but if a couple of your best linemen are on IR and you truly only have two linemen on the roster who CAN do the job, then the rest of the unit is essentially filler. The results should not be surprising. So, do we want to see O'Connell killed out there like Jim Plunkett had been early in his career here? Much as I would rather have O'Connell get the experience, better to throw Cassells to the sharks.