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    Clay BUST-holz

    Buchholz will be fine. He just needs to tweak his repertoire a little and
    get some more games under his belt. When he left the game the score
    was still 4-3 and still very winnable for the Sox. There are tons of 
    good pitchers who get through 6 innings giving up four runs and many
    of them have double digit wins at the end of the season...so stop 
    being so critical. Beckett gives up 3 or 4 runs over 6 on occasion also
    and I don't see people calling for his demotion. Relax ! Buchholz has
    a great delivery, a great curve, and he will be a solid pitcher for us
    for years to come as will Masterson. Buchholz has great mechanics and
    a nice fluid delivery. At 6'6" , he can be a real horse in a rotation for
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    Clay BUST-holz

    I actually thought I saw the equipment on display which will make him a fine/great pitcher. Excellent fastball and willingness to challenge with it; superb breaking ball although he hung a large number which did not get blasted because they were to far out of the zone to be hit. He is not the answer for this year but may pitch very well at times. He is just a kid and needs time. Mike Mussina started with the Orioles 0-6 but you coulld see that he had everything to be successful. Just wait and watch our guy do the same.
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    Clay BUST-holz

    Clay is not a complete failure at all. Clay said it himself after the last game: nerves in the first inning, settled down & did well after. The only real concern is slight drop in his arm slot and the fact that his fastball is flat.

    Do your homework before embarrassing yourself on a public discussion board.

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    Clay BUST-holz

    Clay has added pressure on him right now after his performance last year... I think he'll settle in and be fine.

    Fans were expecting the second coming after his no hitter. We just have to be a little patient.
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    Clay BUST-holz

    listen moron do you disagree with me that Crisp and and Lugo are complete failures?

    It's an interesting question.  Which two players have the best winning percentage this year?  I know you don't know, so I'll give you a hint.  It's Crisp and Lugo.  Guess who's #1 for the past two seasons combined?  Hey, it's Crisp!

    So it's your assertion that the player with the best winning percentage as a starter is a complete failure?  I'll file this one in the same file as your post about Dice having to take responsibility for his 9-1 record and falling on his samurai.
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    Clay BUST-holz

    Complete failure!

    Absolutes and derogatories. Neither will help anyone else accept your point of view guys.

    Perhaps we could try something new:
    Admit that what we have to say are nothing more than our opinions
    Accept the fact that others may not share those opinions
    Treat each other with respect

    We might actually have productive discussions here.

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    Clay BUST-holz

    Just say they have successful acquisitions. You would not be honest if you said that.

    Crisp has been a very successful pickup. 
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    Clay BUST-holz

    You know what's a complete failure, your stupid little play on words title. 
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    Clay BUST-holz

    Masterson is a bust?  From Double A to 4-3 record?  6 solid innings every time, needs to learn more about pitching in the majors but you consider him a bust?
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    Clay BUST-holz

    [Quote]If you don't want to be labeled a 'knucklehead' knock off the knucklehead comments.[/Quote]

    Ignore him, he's a Yankee fan. 
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    Clay BUST-holz

    It is threads like this that sink to, once again, ripping Crisp and Lugo, that make me check this board less and less all the time.  Last year it was JD Drew...at least that bashfest has died down.

    Yankee fans think Red Sox Nation is full of idiots.  I used to laugh at the thought.  Now, I'm not so sure.  Is it so strange to support the team because they are "my guys" and offer construtive criticism on the board rather than just bash, bash, bash?
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    Clay BUST-holz

    I'm a big Clay fan and although his first start back was disappointing in some ways, I agree with others that he has a lot of upside.  Good fastball, curve, and changeup, and he's VERY YOUNG.  He'll get stronger, more confident, and more savvy.

    It's sort of like condemning Joba because he has lost a few games and hasn't pitched a 12-strikeout shutout during each outing.  You can't deny that Joba has tremendous potential.

    As for Masterson, he's been a very pleasant surprise.  I'm just worried that without more velocity and an out pitch for lefties, MLB hitters will get to him once they've seen him a few times.

    These young guys take time - they can't just walk in a be Pedro in his prime...although on a bad day they can be Pedro as a grossly overpaid NY Met :- />
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    Clay BUST-holz

    Where are your woner boys. All hurt. Even your "star pitcher" can't run the bases without hurting himself. Some athletes.
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    Clay BUST-holz

    i know, this guy is an idiot for saying that.

    Nope, he was an idiot before saying that...
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    Clay BUST-holz

    [Quote]Wow it is truly amazing  what a couple world series championships can do to  a fan. Barring injury, Clay will be a great pitcher! Not to many pitchers that I know of that can just come out of the gate and dominate every friggin' game! Look at Cliff Lee, they demoted him to the minors last year because he had trouble. One year later he is an All-Star starter and in my mind on the fast track to being an ace. He still had his bumps. The Red Sox have an amazing farm system, and it baffles me how some of our fans are rediculously impatient. These are probably the same guys that are calling for Che-Hsuan Lin to jump up to the majors because he was the futures game MVP... Yeah lets bring 'em up and tear 'em down if their not Jim Rice or Manny Ramirez right out of the gate. SETTLE DOWN!!!!!![/Quote]

    Hey Hefty, Scott-Larry is a bitter Yankee fan..... that's why the post is absurd. No Sox fan in their right mind would feel that way.
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    Clay BUST-holz

    I think he meant:

    Scott is a complete failure!!!!

    Just like Larry!!!!