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    Congratulations Jon Lester!

    Thank goodness (and Theo Epstein) that Jon Lester is still in Boston, allowing us to all watch this historic, exciting and spectacular event.� Way to go, Jon!� We look forward to many more great games from you and all the Sox!

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    Congratulations Jon Lester!

    GM Vic-Nice thread going, and we thank you.� I notice that ScottsdaleLarry has not started a Lester tread with his stat line?� I'm disappointed in him, lol.Enjoy your day, and thanks again.$

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    Congratulations Jon Lester!

    Was at the game last night! I was nervous like it was a World Series Game 7. I watched the replay and they showed my friend eating her camera and me shaking my head because I thought you were getting squeezed on some calls on the first batter of the 9th. Great job. You were cool as ice. The sky's the limit, but you already no that. Congrats!

    Matt in Worcester

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    Congratulations Jon Lester!

    Imagine you're holding tickets to�a Tuesday night�game in�May against the RoyAAAls, and�you end up seeing that gem of a pitching performance....

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    Congratulations Jon Lester!

    You know what the first thing I heard from a Yankee fan was this morning?� "Don't talk to me a bout no hitters, talk to me about perfect games."� True statement, typical as it was to hear.� Soxfan,� sad to say some fans (from both sides) just can't seem to see or say anything positive about their rivals. Lester's story� transcends baseball, and I agree (with you) �that it is hard to believe that some just can't acknowledge it for what it is. Baseball is a game. Cancer is not.

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    Congratulations Jon Lester!

    Congratulations on your no-hitter, Jon!��It was�tremendously exciting to watch.� You're an inspiration on and off the field.� May good fortune and good health follow you all the days of your life.�� You are truly a profile in courage.�

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    Congratulations Jon Lester!

    Congratulations, Jon, from a Sox fan in Braves territory.� Words fail me except to say that yours was a truly inspirational performance!

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    Congratulations Jon Lester!

    Congrats indeed. Anyone, from any teem that pitches a rare gem likethis deserves it for a fine effort such as Jon pitched, especially sowith the terrible illness that he has overcome.

    I agree, and Hollywood couldn't have scripted it any better!
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    Congratulations Jon Lester!

    I have been tough on this kid but Masterson could throw a perfect game and Manny could drop to bombs tongiht and that wouldn't match last night. Way to go Jon!
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    Congratulations Jon Lester!

    Jon, Your efforts on and off the field make this achievement that much better.� You have been, and continue to be, a true inspiration to many.� Cheers!� Rest that arm and we will see you back on the mound soon.�May 19, 2008 ---#31on the hill.

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    Congratulations Jon Lester!

    Hollywood couldn't have scripted it any better!

    When professional sports is at its best, it inspires us, the unremarkable, to strive to do remarkable things.� Life delivers an unfair blow to so many of us by striking us down with disease; what an inspiration it is to see someone get back up and exhibit a courage, determination, and grace that touches all our lives.� So it was with Lance Armstrong, Tedy Bruschi, and in a different way, Lou Gehrig.� And now Jon Lester.

    Jon, you've joined some pretty august company.� Congratulations on your accomplishment, and thank you.

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    Congratulations Jon Lester!

    Great story. My wife was just diagnosed as having lung cancer. Never smoked, doesn't drink, beautiful woman. Survived two bouts of breast cancer 23 and 25 years ago. Taking it day at a time.

    Jon Lester's story shows how life can go on and blossom in many ways even if you are a person who has/had cancer.

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    Congratulations Jon Lester!

    in world gone completely bonkers with negativity and blackness this brough a tear of joy to my eye.it seriously did. sometimes the good guys win. and lester is most definitely that, a good guy and a winner both.

    reading this story on lunch faraway in san francisco just made my day. congrats to you jon lester. congrats for many things.

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    Congratulations Jon Lester!

    Dear Jon,
    Congratulations on� your No-hitter!!! It seems like yesterday I sat down to write a post to you on wishing you well after your diagnosis. Today I'm proud to write you a very happy Congratulations and Job Well done! You are an inspiration to so many, old and young, all over Red Sox Nation. Your humility is admirable and it's so amazing to watch your career. I would love to see you pitch again for the Sox in Game 4 of the World Series this year! Good luck and good health to you!�� --Sarah in Southie� : )

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    Congratulations Jon Lester!

    Not to take anything away from the pitchers who have thrown the no hitters at all becuase they had the stuff to do it......but.....it is no coincidence that Tek has caught 4 and two of them very young pitchers who probably relied very heavily on Tek's game calling and knowledge of opposing hitters.� Note that Derek Lowe hasn't been the same pitcher since he left the Sox and Tek's "guidance".� I have no doubts that he is the overall best catcher in the game and any pitcher in baseball should want to throw to him because he makes them better.

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    Congratulations Jon Lester!

    Jon Lester, I doubt if you even ever read these entries that you'll ever get this far, but if you do, let me tell you my utmost congratulations to you! Many more! You are an inspiration to anyone in this country, and even the world. Regardless of what you have been through, your accomplishment last night was magical. You captivated not only Red Sox Nation, but the United States last night. I've been a fan of yours since Portland, I screamed when they wanted to trade you for A-Rod, I get giddy when The Gammons compares you to a harder throwing Andy Pettite. I watched your first start, and how you cruised to seven wins. Basically, I'm a huge, huge fan. I'm so happy for you, your family, and the organization. From own personal perspective, I live in Albany, New York. I couldn't watch the game because I don't have NESN or the MLB package..but ESPN cut in, and I was cleaning my apartment. I couldn't hear that they were somewhat discussing it. My phone rang, it was my younger brother - he said, and I quote "turn on ESPN".
    "Ok..why..?" I asked..
    He said nothing.
    �He only repeated himself.

    Basically, thanks Jon. You've done so much for so many people by simply utlizing your talent, and that, sir, is a beautiful gift. I wish you a long and successful career. I've even heard - with my own ears - die hard Yankee fans give a tip of the cap to you. You went out to help your team win. Because of you, your team did win. You did your job, you excelled at your job, but while at the office, you capitvated a nation with a 95 mile an hour fastball. Thank you for helping me remember why I love this game so much..

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    Congratulations Jon Lester!

    I am impressed. Good for Lester - he deserves only good things.