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    Cosmic Forces Realigned

    I'm numb; I knew it was possible but didn't honestly think it could happen; not this year of all years....the Pats blew a Super Bowl in the closing moments - a game they could have won - much like the 86 Sox blowing the World Series in the closing moments - and both to NY teams :(

    I'm numb....this is again a dark day in Boston.....I will not sleep tonight....this really didn't happen, did it? Shock, denial, next comes bargaining. Acceptance, in the next life.

    We will probably never again live through an 18-0 start; instead we live through years of pain and NY abuse. Yes, the 86 Sox still pain me....but this I believe will pain me more. For many winning the 04 World Series made up for 86 but not for me. Winning future Super Bowls will not make up for this bitter loss. For Brady & Belichick there should be no more talk about "the greatest of all time". Lombardi & Noll never lost, nor did Bradshaw or Montana in "the game". We'll have to settle for Elway & Landry - not bad, just not great. No more talk of Dynasty, no more talk of Perfection. I hope Seau, Bruschi, Samuel, Moss, and Gafney come back for one more "last try" but we all know many of them will be gone, and with it our collective brief moment in the sun.

    In a way the universe has been realigned; although far from home in Boston I once again feel the annual pain of my youth. Cosmic forces have ended this aberration of winning. Maybe I should feel some comfort in that. Congratualtions NY and NY fans on your victory - wait for next year though....

    Go Pats! Go Sox! Go Celts! Go Bruins!

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    Cosmic Forces Realigned

    Common. This was nowhere near as bad as the Sox in '86. The Sox hadn't a won a series in most fans lifetime in '86. I know people who were celebrating as soon as the groundball was hit. The game was won.

    The Pats have won so many Superbowls this decade it's ridiculous. It probably feels bad now because it just happened, but put it into perspective.