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    counterattack Yankees moves

    I don't know if signing Lowe is the best move for the Sox.

    BTW, ESPN said on air this morning that, after Lowe "turned up his nose" at the Mets offer, that the Red Sox might be involved. On air, no link.
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    counterattack Yankees moves

    Lowe is so not the answer. His ERA was close to 5 last time he was in AL East.
    Sox do not need to counter Yankee moves. The Yankees have replaced Pettite and Mussina with CC and Burnett. Pettite and Mussina won 34 games last year vs CC and AJ's 35. Even if CC and AJ pitch exceptional and both win 20 games, they are only picking up 5 wins.

    Teixeiara replaces both Abreau and Giambi and although a much better player will have a tough time duplicating what those two guys did last year.

    I have a post out there but the Yankees spent 225 million last year and finshed third, this year it is around 200 million, but look at the holes and question marks they have. Bad defense, suspect lineup 5-9, suspect rotation 3-5 ( I could argue 2-5 or even 1-5), and a terrible pen (Rivera exception of course)
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    counterattack Yankees moves

    Why not get him? He's not the same guy who left the Sox. He's expressed interest (if reports can be believed) and would benefit from the Sox' defense. Can't hurt to have a good arm like his for a few years! Penny would be great, but one can't say he's gonna produce.