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    David Ortiz discussion

    1. torre is useless ( I think useless is too strong but I do question some of his moves )
    2. bernie did not have class nor did he play all out ( I think if Bernie had shown up in ST he would be playing now. I think that hurt him. And I don't think Cashman wanted him there in the first place and Bernie knew that. I do hate how it has ended with Bernie but sometimes things don't always go the way you want. I do think he will always be loved as a yankee by alot of fans though. )
    3. mo should not get an extension until the end of the year ( If Torre and Posada don't get extensions til the end of the season then you really can't give one to Mo. As important as Mo is it is better not to put one person above the team. )
    4. mussina is a blowhard that is a horrible teammate and is not clutch in any sense of the word ( Not clutch, I agree. Steady, yes. Horrible teammate? He seems to be doing something about that this year by helping the younger pitchers, but starting out by calling out Pavano probably wasn't the best thing, although it was what everyone was thinking and did clear the air. )
    5. i dont want clemens back on this team, his HGH head is ridiculous to think about looking at for even half of the year ( We will just have to disagree on that one. I don't think Clemens has used or does use. Now arrogance, he is full of )
    6. melky should be on the team all year ( we have agreed on that )
    7. doug m is a great pick up as offense is not everything ( agree on that and it has shown already in the great stretch he has and the plays he has made. )
    8. i could care less if arod dissappears come october 1st -he gets us to the playoffs, the others should be able to come thru ( Yes, I wonder why all the other yankees get a free pass when they haven't done a thing either. )
    9. they should have hughes up now ( Not sure now is a good time, but with all the injuries I can see why you would say so. Maybe it is time for him to get some experience while we aren't in a pennant race at the end of the season. He has to sink or swim sometime and they could use him now. Why take a chance of him getting hurt in the minors when he could be up now helping the yankees when they need him? )
    10. if you dont win the WS it is NOT a failure. if you are in the race all season long and make the games worthwhile and fun to watch up till the 162nd game then i am happy. ( agree with you there totally. )
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    David Ortiz discussion


    You amaze me, for someone that is quite knowledgeable about baseball and has somewhat of a quick wit, how is it that you manage to be such a massive tool.

    Your childrens games on this board have been tiresome for weeks now.....get a life.

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    David Ortiz discussion

    Hughes is only 20. Do you want to take that risk at this point?

    No I don't want to. But at this point things are getting to the point where you have to think of it. You don't want to get too far behind. It is early I know. But do you want to take the chance that Hughes could get injured in the minors? Or do you want to take the chance that he could make the difference in the line up? Tough question. That is why I am just a fan and not in the yanke FO. Good question MSR19. Thank you. It made me think.

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    David Ortiz discussion

    David Ortiz is one of the premiere sluggers in the league. He's 31 years old coming off a 54 HR 1000+ OPS season. He may not reach 54 again but his production is money in the bank. Expect 45-50 HRs and 1000 OPS again. No reason to doubt this after a cold week and a half in early April.

    THe shift costs him a few singles. Maybe 1 or 2 a week which translates to roughly 30 points off his average by the end of the year. It means very little. His OBP will still be near .400 and his Slug Avg near .600. And who cares if he's a little round in the middle. He's not going to be playing centerfield. It makes him more likeable, more human.

    With all Ortiz has done for this team and city on the field, and off, we are very lucky to have him.

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    David Ortiz discussion

    Hey Cleatshmuck!!!!!

    You still think Papi will only hit 28 and will have a major down season? I wouldn't bet on it dingleberry.

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    David Ortiz discussion

    My prediction is Papi has a breakout weekend. Anyone that questions his abilities two weeks into the season either knows nothing about baseball or is one of those people that gives us Sox fans a bad name.
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    David Ortiz discussion

    I have to give credit where credit is due that for the past two weeks A-rod has come through time and time again. However, you also have to look at history and historically speaking A-rod is hardly known as Mr.Clutch. Papi has had a slow start, but do you honestly think he is going to stay like this and do you honestly think A-rod is going to keep on is tear?

    I am married to a Yankee fan and my in-laws are die hard Yankee fans, they have season tickets and I have to say it cracks me up that now everyone is in love with A-rod.

    With that said I would take Papi anyday.

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    David Ortiz discussion

    While I'm not disputing that A-Rod is having a pretty nifty April - he has in no-way over-taken Ortiz as the new Mr Clutch.

    10 HRs in April doesn't make up for no production the past two post-seasons.

    That's just silly.
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    David Ortiz discussion

    04: ALDS - .545
    ALCS - .387
    World Series - .308

    05. .333

    I'm not too sure whether you were being sarcastic or not, but, they look like some dandy post-season batting averages to me.

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    David Ortiz discussion

    i am suffering from serious insomnia, so i apologize for the barrage of posts.

    i have one more. today at wotk i realized one of my regulars was paul coffey? nhl star for the penguins a ways back. nice guy but i never broached the subject. he looked at my pats hat and muttered how he didn't want a sweep. we bs for a while and he tells me this

    i was a pro athelete who got by not being afraid of any one. not you guys especially when i quit but....when this papi comes up i just get this fear. it always goes wrong for us when hes up there.

    i said paul, now you know how we felt for years.

    he paused and said you bastards, we laughed, and he left.

    nuff said.