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    Drew Bledsoe

    Akriam ~ You said it exactly like I would. I never understood or enjoyed football until the Pats drafted Bledsoe. Since then, I have become as much of a football fanatic as my husband. I saw Drew place twice for the Bills against the Pats in Buffalo, and would have enjoyed many more years of seeing him play. However, I do agree with the majority that his time has passed. If he does decide to come back as a backup, any team would be lucky to have him, just for his experience and CLASS on the field.

    One more comment on another poster's comments -- complaining about Drew having no personality, locker room presence, etc., does all that really matter? Kind of a childish thing to say.

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    Drew Bledsoe

    Swilson04 -- that was awesome!
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    Drew Bledsoe

    i think everyone has gotten drew right in one way or another. he should be remembered as a class act for how he handled his final season in new england.

    he should also be remembered as one of the players that brought new life into new england football.

    he had a great arm.

    but he wasnt a winner and couldnt create or inspire a win out of the team. that quality, that thing that isnt part of a qb why i have to put him third on all time favorite qb list after brady and grogan. i can still envision that blank look on his face after an incomplete on third down...or a never seemed to faze him. its too bad he didnt play like he did on that first drive against the steelers in the afc championship for his whole career....banging helmets...getting the team excited. then again...that excitement only lasted that one drive that he didnt even start.

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    Drew Bledsoe

    Tom would be the first one to tell you threr is no "I" in team. We would never have got to the super bowl if Drew did not hit David Patten in the end zone for a touch down in the playoff game against Pittsburgh. I know Drew wanted to be the one to do it,to take us there but instead Tom was the man. Never has there been a more class act in the game as Drew. We could have wound up with Ryan Leaf! The true pocket passer that he was we all rooter for him before Tom came to us. If ever there was some one you wanted to see succeed it was Drew how could you not. I still have the newspapers with full page adds of Drew thanking New England for all their support when he got traded to Buffalo. Now that's class. So for all of those anti-Drew fans out there just be quiet and say thank you because Drew was a big part of getting us where we are today. So I say thanks Drew Bledsoe and good luck with your future.