[Quote]My guess is that Manny Ramirez will eventually sign for 3 years 55 million dollars guaranteed. Is he worth it? No. However, there will be someone out there who will cave and give the quitter his money. He will then promptly return to putting up good but not great (Dodgers) numbers, run the basepaths whenever he feels like it (not often), fake injuries, make the occasional trade request to front office executives, play lousy defense, and pick fights with fellow teammates and team personnel. Does that sound about right to anybody else not named law2005 or Moonslav?[/Quote]

That's about right. The LAD are in desperate need for offense after their insightful Jones and Pierre signings. The SFG need just about everything, but since their top hitter had all of 16 HRs, Manny should be their priority.