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    Fenway Park is not in Colorado...

    Mark Teixeira is probably the No. 1 Free Agent on the market right now, and a perfect fit for the Boston Red Sox... but two other big names have been floated out there as well:

    Free Agent 1B/3B Garret Atkins and OF Matt Holliday (FA '09) of the Colorado Rockies.

    I just want to remind everyone that both of these players, despite being 28 and typically posting lines like .300 BA / 20-30 HR / 100-120 RBI... their home/away splits tell a very different story.

    Holliday, since 2004

    HOME: 1353 AB, .357 BA, 84 HR, 307 RBI, 106 doubles, 16 triples
    AWAY: 1303 AB, .280 BA, 44 HR, 176 RBI, 82 doubles, 7 triples

    Atkins, since 2003

    HOME: 1192 AB, .337 BA, 44 HR, 236 RBI, 82 doubles
    AWAY: 1242 AB, .260 BA, 45 HR, 195 RBI, 68 doubles

    Read more at The Bottom Line blog and leave a comment with your thoughts on who the Sox should persue this offseason...

    Bottom Line: I like both of these guys, but if the Sox have the cash and are willing to shake up the infield - than I say you go for Teixeira.

    What say you?

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    Fenway Park is not in Colorado...


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    Fenway Park is not in Colorado...

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    Fenway Park is not in Colorado...

    Love Tex & I'd love to have him BUT we would then be forced to trade Lowell and take below market value for him possibly even pay part of his salary. Also, We'd have to give up our 1st rounder for him and the FO values our top picks. Bottom line... I don't expect to see Tex in Boston next year (although I'd love it).
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    Fenway Park is not in Colorado...

    I call it the Colorado effect, look at careers of guys how the double there production there. Even if the power is down due to hummidifer, the park is HUGE and allows lots of hits to fall in.

    I would not trade for a player from there unless it is on the cheap. You just dont know what your getting.
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    Fenway Park is not in Colorado...

    Where exactly would he be a perfect fit? Can he catch? Can he pitch? Youkilis
    is every bit as good as Tex, maybe brings a little less offense with some more versatility. With 2 years left on his contract Lowell is going nowhere, and it's not as if they want to dispose of him. When he's played he's been great, even hurt. An offseason could be all he needs to get himself in shape for a great year. And rest assured, assuming an improved health situation David Ortiz will be still be DHing and hitting 3 in the order through 2009. Don't count on seeing him in the WBC next year though.

    Anyway my point is there's nowhere to put Tex. If we're going to be signing or trading for players expect some bullpen acquisitions, some depth on the bench to replace Kotsay and Casey, and not likely IMO a move for starting pitching. Say what you want about Peavy, I think he's a bit overrated and won't handle the AL as well.
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    Fenway Park is not in Colorado...

    Yup, I'd love to see Texiera happen but it won't. In part because of Lars Anderson, IMO. Lowell concerns you because he DID bottom out 3 years ago in Fla but he's earned another shot. If they're gonna give up money to dump a player this year, it'll be on the SS position again. Lugo's value is at it's lowest, understood, but I don't think they'll wanna waste a roster spot on him in '09. They'll want a versatile, defense-first utility guy coming off the bench...and that ain't Lugo. Lowell's age, '07 numbers and contract might make you wince a little, but Lugo's situation makes you wanna throw up. Get rid of the Lugo contract this season and move on. But there's no question they have to add some pop to this lineup somewhere. IMO, if they're to put together a package of top prospects to address a problem, it should be for a long-term solution at Catcher. Let's face it; they need to add a respectable bat at the 8-9 and they got nothing from that position last season. Teams are reluctant to deal young catchers but a package with Buchholz or Bowden involved will get attention. The likelihood of Lowell and Papi rebounding next year is ten times what it is for Tek.
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    Fenway Park is not in Colorado...

    I think we all agree that this team needs to add a big bat this offseason. Right now everyone is enamored with Youkilis because he put up big numbers. He had an MVP type of year, no question. But let me remind you that this was the first time Youkilis ever hit over 20 homeruns in his short career. Will he do it again next year? I think so but would I bet all my money on it, no. With Teixeira you get assurance. He has averaged 35 homeruns and 100+ RBIs throughout his career. Teixeira will only cost money. Holliday or Atkins would cost prospects.

    These are my 2 cents on this whole situation:

    Youkilis is a very good player but not what you would consider a cleanup hitter. Teixeira is the perfect solution. Lowell should be traded and there will be plenty interest for him. I can see the following teams having interest in him: Mets, Astros, Dodgers, Giants, White Sox, Twins, Indians, Angels.

    As for the starter that we do need, I'm praying Wakefield doesn't come back, I by signing Teixeira the Red Sox keep the prospects they will need to go get Peavy who is signed relatively cheap for an ace. In the open market he would command Santana type money.

    The bullpen should be upgraded and there are many good relievers available in free agency. They also need to sign a player for the bench with power. That was one of the greatest weaknesses of this team in the playoffs. No bench at all.
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    Fenway Park is not in Colorado...

    definitely tex over anyone else, but atkins is a good young player too so stop bashing him.
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    Fenway Park is not in Colorado...

    I don't know much about Atkins, but Holliday would be a nice addition here. Forget the Coors nonsense. The last 2 years, he has hit over .300 on the road. Power? For every HR in Coors that would be an out here, there is an F9 in Coors that is a Monster banger in Fenway. HR's might drop, but he'll pepper the Monster for doubles. Also, he is a solid clubhouse presence and plays very good defense - things that don't change when you leave Coors.
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    Fenway Park is not in Colorado...


    You can't predict what either of these guys would hit in Fenway which is also a good hitters park. Holliday is better than Bay in my opinion because of the fact he hits lefties and righties equally. Teixeira is also that type of player and it's always great to have confidence in a player against anyone you play him against. I have no doubt Holliday (like Lowell) could hit very well in Boston.