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    Final Ruling Discussion

    I think it will make the Super Bowl win all the sweeter. We have another 1st round pick anyway! Let's see how the team reacts Sunday. This will bring out us against the world attitude.
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    Final Ruling Discussion

    I agree Leftout, this ruling will only drive the monitoring into more clandestine and higher tech efforts...the NFL high society will have the money for the technology. He who laughs last...

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    Final Ruling Discussion

    It doesn't matter if you agree with the rule or not,. Rules are rules and if you break them you are cheating. They got off easy. Belichick should have been suspended for a couple of games. If this had been the Colts, most of us would be calling for Dungy or Polian to be suspended. I don't think that what they did had any effect on the Jets game as the camera was taken away early in the game but they still did it. Likewise, I am not sure how much this helped them win games last year (they certainly did not look very good during the second half of the Colts game) but they still cheated. Now all they have done is give every other team that they beat over the last few years reason to believe the only reason they lost was the the Pats had an unfair advantage.
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    Final Ruling Discussion

    Well I happen to think giving up a first round pick is a big hit. The Pats have been very good in judging first round picks and this next years draft is supposed to be full of solid players on the defensive side of the ball including linebacker and d'backs. This was a really stupid call by Belichick and he has hurt the team. I hope that Kraft reads him the riot act and puts him on notice regarding his future with the organization should he embarass the team again.

    I think this has been a big negative publicity hit for the organization and what it has accomplished. It leaves the team open to a lot of speculation regarding their accomplishments over the last several years. Weather these accusations are correct or not the negative perceptions will stick.

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    Final Ruling Discussion

    If speculation were such a pervasive thing, we'd still be calculating steroid stats and demanding those players' teams forfeit games. For some reason, people are content to push the steroid issue to the side, because what's done is done.

    Just like how Bonds isn't going to have an asterisk next to his name for the HR record.

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    Final Ruling Discussion

    If there's any team that can carry themselves with pride and make other people's opinions moot, it's the Patriots.
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    Final Ruling Discussion

    Fully Agree With PatsFan1979's comments: The Pats dodged a bullet.

    Two thoughts:

    #1) Wonder if all of this will effect how the Pats adjust at halftime. Did the cheating help or was it alot about nothing?

    #2) Mangini in my opinion is a rat. My guess is that there will be no midfield handshake in Foxboro.

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    Final Ruling Discussion

    To be fair last investigate all of the teams abnd the refs going back several years to see if there was any cheating of any kind. This would be the fair thing to do. The Pats were the ones who got caught.....that certainly doesn't mean that they are the only ones who cheated. How many speeders get caught. Don't drive a red sports car!
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    Final Ruling Discussion

    What heppens when the rest of the teams' more clandestine taping comes out? It will be like the HGH scandals. A name a day.

    Nope, there will be no more coming out because Mangini will be the only one to whine like a little girl about it.
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    Final Ruling Discussion

    This is a BS ruling, the broncos (Mike Shanohan) lost a 3rd round pick for promising to pay Elway and TD after they retired..That was against league rules, no less of an indicretion than the pats filming whatever they filmed. A 1st round pick is unprecedented!!! F*^$ Godell, he is mad with power...although it will be interesting to hear what BB says about this. As was before this incident...

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    Final Ruling Discussion

    The penalty is very steep, esp. when you consider the value of a first-round draft pick. Getting a player of that caliber costs millions of dollars. This year's 29th pick, Ben Grubbs OG for Baltimore, got a $8 million contract, including $5.2 million in guarantees. Let's say that the 2008 29th pick would get $6 million in guarantees. If we account for that in this penalty, the fine actually can be measured at about $7 million in value to the team, and that doesn't count the hit to the team's brand image, something the Krafts are very savvy about nurturing and protecting.

    I'm bracing myself for Patriot haters who now will come forward and suggest that the last six seasons are all tainted. Does anyone know when this rule first appeared?

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    Final Ruling Discussion

    This commissioner of the NFL is terrible. Why do you have a conditional penalty regarding if you make the playoffs or not for being caught in Week 1 video taping the Jets sidelines?

    The money I can understand. Taking away draft pick to make a point and continue to be a tough commish is another thing I can understand.

    Taking away a 1st rounder if you make the playoffs or a 2nd & 3rd if not, is just plain ridiculous. This type of cheating could have been legal if a pair of binoculars, pencil, and paper was used instead of a video camera.

    The Patriots did ignore a memo regarding this, but is that worth the max penalty? Sounds more like big tough Goodell folded to the media pressure. How many of you think the penalty would have been a fraction of what it is if the story was not made public?
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    Final Ruling Discussion

    "#2) Mangini in my opinion is a rat. My guess is that there will be no midfield handshake in Foxboro."

    How is Mangini a rat? Was he supposed to allow BB and Patriots (who were their competition that day) to just break the rules and tape the signals at his team's expense? That's ludicrous! I'd agree Mangini was a rat if the Patriots were playing someone else and Mangini came out with accusations. However, this instance speaks more to BB being blatantly stupid.

    Pats were lucky to come away as unharmed as they did.
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    Final Ruling Discussion

    Taking away a 1st rounder if you make the playoffs or a 2nd & 3rd if not, is just plain ridiculous.

    The way I understand it is to read it in reverse. It's a 1st round draft pick penalty for starters, and the condition softens the blow if the Pats don't make the playoffs--so that they still have a chance for a good pick. It doesn't seem contingent on performance as much as being a stiff penalty with a silver lining.

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    Final Ruling Discussion

    I'm a longtime Pats fan and sat through lots of 2-14 type seasons. Even when they were bad, I was never as embarrased as today. BB gave us a great run these last few years, and I don't think cheating had much to do with it. He drafted better. He coached better. He's certainly one of the best coaches of all time and the dynasty is real. So why cheat? It's the same thing I always wonder about a guy like Bonds; why apply "the clear" when you're a certain Hall of Famer playing honestly? And I can't believe we have to give up a number one. It's not that the punishment is too harsh; the team was positioned to keep this winning streak going for years, and now one of the advantages they built up is gone. Losing a first rounder is a big, big deal. It's so painful just because it was so unnecessary. I used to tell everyone that the thing I was most proud about with the Pats wasn't just that they've been big winners of late, but they did it "right", with selflessness, teamwork and "character" guys. Now, combined with Rodney, the whole thing is tainted. At least Rodney owned up to it like a man. I hope BB does too. This just sucks.
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    Final Ruling Discussion

    First off, people need to stop calling this cheating. All teams steal signs, it is a proven fact, coaches and players have admitted it, it is not illegal. If it didn't happen, mouths wouldn't be covered when talking to players. ESPN and the rest of the media needs to end this spygate garbage. The Pats broke a rule in how to obtain the information from the other team. That is the problem here. The NFL said "No video equipment etc..." NOT no stealing/figuring out signs. So based on that the Pats broke a rule and should be punished, but to call them cheaters is crossing the line.

    As for the fine, I think the monatary fine is justified, it was dumb to break the rules and they should be punished. HOWEVER, losing a first round pick? That is extreme, I think the money and tighter security and league checks on the team would be more justified.
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    Final Ruling Discussion

    On one hand, the reaction from the media and other NFL players will be a huge motivation to this team to excel this year and win the Super Bowl. Then they can say "All eyes were on us -- we didn't cheat, we won so screw you all!"

    On the other hand, regardless of whether all other teams do it -- Belichick got busted cheating and he has tainted this team's image. Goodell didn't have the chops to suspend him -- Kraft should. It's the only way Kraft can protect the Patriot brand.

    Sunday: Pats 30 Chargers 28

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    Final Ruling Discussion

    Looks like the commish gave into media preassure... its too harsh.... ecspecially when they make it sound like everyother team out there has never bended the rules!! hypocracy at its finest!! its a load of bull all of this...
    Bring on the tomlinsons and lets put them away and move on... and it would be sweet to see hines ward get pummeled and get injured.... id laugh...
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    Final Ruling Discussion

    The league had issued the no sideline video edict during the off-season ad had re-iterated it right before Sunday.

    So was it illegal before this past offseason?

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    Final Ruling Discussion

    I think if it had been any other team besides the Pats, it would have been ignored. True, the Pats were guilty and they had to pay SOME price, but didn't the Dolphins do the EXACT SAME THING

    last year, freely admit it, and suffer no consequence?

    With this punishment, everybody saves face: The commissioner looks tough and decisive without bringing down the Patriots franchise, and aside from the fines, all the Patriots have to give up, at most, is the 31st or 32nd pick in next year's draft ( as Bugs Bunny would say, "Biiiiig DEAL!! ). It won't make a dent in our championship hopes this year, yet it's certainly stiff enough

    to ensure that the Pats won't be taping anything again. I hope anyway. Why did Belichick even bother using cameras? He had a lot more to lose than to gain from that. Oh well.

    Bring on the Chargers.

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    Final Ruling Discussion

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    Final Ruling Discussion

    colts67, that's a good question. Old habits are hard to break. Kind of like how Nomar does his little dance at every AB or batters keep looking down at the catcher. It's "just in case." I don't think the Pats need to tape anything to win. Please don't refer to us as "brainwashed BB lovers," especially those of us who are disappointed and don't approve of cheating but still support our team.
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    Final Ruling Discussion

    This is a highly suspicious and unfair ruling. I think the fines are fair, and I would have supported a suspension of Bill Bellichick, since it was clearly at his direction these infractions occurred.

    But Comissioner Godell has gone to an arcane and twisted bag of punishments by taking away a 1st round pick conditional on them making the playoffs/ and a 2nd or 3rd if they don't. Instead of adopting a fair punsihment of a 2nd round or 3rd round pick plus a suspension for the man who was behind all the wrong doing, he has decided to favor other teams and get into the mind of bellichick's players by implementing a punishment with perverse incentives. He is trying to psychologically force the patriots into losing the season, by putting doubt into the player's minds that they have the incentive to win (and lose the 1st round pick). He will find the patriots players and organization as a whole, however , is far more resistant to feeble mind games like that.

    I had originally been one who felt embarassed that my favorite team had been accused and convicted of cheating. Although I had suspected the NFL was more about destroying your opponent than always practicing fair play, never did I expect the comissioner of the NFL to play favorites. Even still, never in the history of any sport have I seen a punishment of this sort be handed down, which would reward a team for intentionally failing. After hearing Godell's verdict, I firmly stand behind this team, and the notion that the NFL is not about fair play or honor, and in this context, I understand why the patriots took every advantage they could get.

    Further, I call on all the media outlets, to express their concern for the sake of sports, that punishments which are not directed at the offender, but attempt to ruin and force into failure an organization, are categorically unfair. What choice now do the patriots have, but to arrogantly thumb their noses at everyone (but the fans), who would back such a cowardly action by the NFL organization, and continue dominating their opponents as they have in the past?

    GO PATS!

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