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    Finally - An Article Worth Reading

    All I can say is click on this link and read this article. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. After all the bashing from every freaking writer in the "I-Hate-The-Pats" World, it's refreshing to read one that has truth to it (IMO). I am a super Pats fan and have been for more than the "Brady-era". And I must admit, I felt SICK when I saw Brady go down. But this article reminded me why I have been a fan for so long!!!!!

    Enjoy b-cause I did! After reading the article, I feel am looking forward that much more to this season and especially to this SUNDAY!


    GO PATS!!!!!!

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    Finally - An Article Worth Reading

    thanks for the link cporrata..now feeling much better though..i was and still in shock about TB injurie. i am proub being pat's fan here in montreal for the last 20 years and still beleive for something magic this year again..look what happened in 2008??