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    first time to boston..

    i am a 27 yr old pats fan living in toronto ontario...ive been a pats fans for about 13 yrs and have only had the oppurtunity of seeing pats games live when i go to buffalo...which sucks cause i get heckled everytime i wear my harrison been a lifelong dream to visit boston and see my boys play at gf bought me tickets to the upcoming bronco game this weekend and were flyin out sunday and staying till tuesday...while the tickets were purchased when tom brady was still in commission i refuse to let nething ruin this trip...i was wondering if ne of my fellow pats fans could give me ne tips on what to do/see/eat or nething special i may miss otherwise not knowingly....p.s i cant wait to rock my new mayo jerset...
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    first time to boston..

    The Aquarium is really sweet, and located downtown on the water - not far from Quincy Market which is your bar/restaurant/shopping center of the city. I'm sure there's much more but I've only been down there once myself, to go whale watching out of P-Town with my college Mammology course.
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    first time to boston..

    Well first you are going to want to show up on Monday crazy early so you can spend the day at Patriot Place and heck out the Pats Hall of Fame

    But as far as doing tours and what not you might want to the web site for tours and what not. The duck tours seem to be a big deal, it is so funny i have lived in Boston my entire life and i am having a hard time thinking of fun stuff for you to do lol There is a lot of History stuff to do but seeign as you are not an American I doubt you have any interest in the American Revolution lol The North End in Boston has a lot of really good food and if you go down to the Aquarium there is a few really good sea food places you could check out.
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    first time to boston..

    Dinner in the north end... real nice italian spots. Great desserts and espresso drinks.

    Quincy market is great lots of places to eat at and theres usually some halfways decent street performers. I love watching breakdancing because its just not normal what those guys can do.

    Theres a preseason celtics game on sunday... its preseason so its real cheap... like $10 gets you in the door. If you like the celtics it will just add to your overall trip.

    basically drive into government center and find parking. Quincy market, the waterfront, TD banknorth garden and the north end are all with in walking distance.

    Have a great time. Boston/New England is an awesome place. I live just a little south of Boston and its always fun to go there for a night or so.
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    first time to boston..

    hey hotblits...even as leaf versus habs, Boston has a lot to enjoy and everything is walking distance,that is why i've always enjoy that city and honestly,it's my favorite city in the US. enjoy your stay and the game even without TB. my place to go will be's worth it.
    have fun and enjoy it

    pat's fan for decades here
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    first time to boston..

    thank u very much everyone...some good info i will take with me and visit these places for sure....i can't wait..