�If you want to understand Bill Belichick all you need to do is find and watch the DVD �21�. This was made after the Pats set the most consecutive wins record (21 wins. ya, another Pat�s historic mark). In this DVD BB uses the Belustrator to breakdown each team main weapons, before going on to beat them. The guys communication stills are so good, and he is so articulate, that he can explain a complex blitz scheme so that my wife (who thinks you get 7 runs for a TD) can understand it. That what sets him apart from all the rest, his communication stills. It�s one think to know your profession, it�s another to lead in your profession. Watch and learn, and you�ll know what some of the smartest people around here know! -->�-->Bills not god, he�s just the best at what he does, teaching (coaching) his people (team)� � ��