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    Gary Sheffield

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    Gary Sheffield

    i just thought it was funny when sheffield mentioned that you are only taking steroids when you shoot up in your a$$...or something to that effect. hmmmm, what about #### steroids? what about liquid steroids you drop under your tongue? what about transdermals (which is what he took). the guy is an idiot.

    i'm a yankee fan and of course the lineup misses him but i'm so glad he is not on the team anymore.

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    Gary Sheffield

    I thought the part about the Yankees not acting with class was the very definition of irony as displayed by Sheffield himself. He joins the ranks of too many sports stars that would be best served by playing the game and keeping their thoughts private.
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    Gary Sheffield

    i wonder if selig will actually reprimand sheffield for his comments. i could only imagine if a white player said the same thing about a black manager treating whites differently.
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    Gary Sheffield

    I know what I am, I am an AMERICAN. I may be of mixed heritage, but I am an AMERICAN. People like Sheffield will always have an audience to whine and vent their bigotry to as long as we have AMERICANS who insist on considering themselves African this or Spanish that or Italian....Irish....Polish and so on and so on.
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    Gary Sheffield

    The sad reality about Bonds is that he is and always will pay the price for being a complete RICHARD his entire career. He is disdainful to the fans, treats the media like crap and openly admits he plays the game for himself and no one else. The man has been an arrogant, churlish boor since his rookie year and has never shown signs of softening as so many brash young players often do as they mature and mellow. Remember Roger Clemens was vilified for tossing a hamburger bun at a reporter yet today he is looked up to as one of the icons of the game. Bonds created his own little hell, let him live in it.
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    Gary Sheffield

    The troubling thing is that nothing's going to happen to Sheffield. No scrutiny. No interrogation. Just his words at face value. It's funny how black atheletes, celebrities, and personalites are the only people who can speak freely on race realtions in the United States. I can remeber Dusty Baker making some off-color remarks in regard to dark-skinned and Caribbean players being better suited to play in the heat. By no means would I put these statements on par with what Marge Schott or John Rocker said, but clearly a double standard seems to be in place in MLB.

    Sheffield is himself a bigot and racist who stereotypes the races in how they act, behave, and deserve top be treated. He has a misguided and myopic view point on how things are. By no means do I excuse the Yankee organization however. It can be argued that their corporate image and mentality can be constriting to some personalities. The lack of African-American players of prominance is fairly obvious when you look at their history and those who did transcend the game did suffer slings, arrows, and worse at times ( Reggie Jackson, Dave Winfield, and Rickey Henderson come to mind immediately).

    Sheffield never had more mics in his face when he was in New York and he rarely spoke with the press. It's interesting on how his name and some ridiculous comment attatched to it has surfaced nearly every week since Spring Training. To me, he's just a malcontent who feeds off whatever internal strugle he's working on that pits himself against the world. Just another blowhard with an axe to grind for an unfair world. *Yawn* Get in line with the rest of us Shef.

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    Gary Sheffield

    "I do like the fact that he speaks his mind as he sees it. it is so rare for someone to speak their mind now A days that when someone does it seems odd. Agree or not. You were not in that clubhouse with him. He also said Torre is not a racist."

    I see what you're saying, but tell me why this information is pertinant or interesting. It's trival and it's damaging. It does nothing but stir the pot. Add to the fact that Gary's got a book coming out and you're starting to understand what this guy is all about. Himself. He doesn't care about anything but that at the end of the day and only started showing up to ball games when the money was right. Just ask fans in Milwaukee. And whether or not he openly called Torre a racist he did say that Torre treats black players differently. In this PC crazy world a starement like that carries more than enough weight to be negative and a distraction.

    "But its interesting how when a person of color feels like they have been discriminated against all the naysayers ramp up to show disbelief. Maybe some of you have seen the Oprah show, FOX TV series or 20/20 undercover specials. They make people up to be different races and go out with hidden cameras to see what happens. This #### is real, just because its never happened to you doesn't mean its never happened. Stop having if a tree falls in the forest does it make a sound syndrome."

    Everyone is treated poorly from titme to time and everyone experiences the wrong end of favoritism while on the job. The messed up thing is that media giants like Oprah, 20/20, and Fox don't show the inherrent racist tendencies of everyone, not just white people. All cultures on this planet discriminate against all other cultures in one form or another. And as troubling as any form of racial discrimination is, what Gary's crying about doesn't really register as anything more than sour grapes.