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    grueling april schedule

    I'm concerned about getting off to a VERY rough start in '08 because of the traveling & schedule. What are the effects of two intercontinental flights on balance and timing, especially after a shortened spring training? Do the A's have an advantage because of shorter west coast-Japan flight? THen fly back east, but first a series in Toronto dome before getting back to boston home. Will be very flat in toronto. THen, still not recovered from two continent, three country road trip, start out with a 20 STRAIGHT GAMES, beginning with four consecutive series against DET-NYY-CLE-NYY. What were they thinking of? Prepare to start the season in a big ugly hole.

    What are your thoughts.

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    grueling april schedule

    I think it is a HUGE mistake for Sox to begin the season in Japan. They may never recover from it. Big, big mistake.