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    Hi I'm Softlaws

    I'm Softlaws I'm in the closet, lust after Jacoby Ellsbury so instead of admitting it, I drool over him in private, and bash him publically on this very board.... foreplay, DAMMIT Jake isn't it turning you on?

    I'm waiting for you!

    Love Mr. Soft Pants. . .
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    Hi I'm Softlaws

    what does you having a man crush on ellsbury and use your bashing of him to fuel hours of fantasy and. . uh ..well. . nevermind. have to do with the next president of the United States?

    You just need to let go of whatever pent up WHATEVER it is you feel about Ellsbury, and get over it, he's one of us . he's a Red Sox, he's our starting CF. . get over it. . breathe it in. . . . . yeah .. he's a keeper. . nothing ou can do about it. . now breathe out. . and SHUDDUP. . it's done. . it's over. . you've been proven wrong time and time again. . give it up. .. your'e truly a waste of my time. I'm done

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    Hi I'm Softlaws

    [Quote]Jake's trade bait, Bay's the keeper. According to the media, every single year, the marxist democrat will be the next President. The guy with the floppy ears who is friends with a confessed marxist domestic terrorist hasn't won the only poll that matters. Obama's not tacking back to the center, he's lying as a centrist. We'll see if it works, it didn't work for the other left winger who called our military barbarians.[/Quote]

    Softlaw you have so many really great posts here, so much wisdom to impart, I wish you would relent on this one bizarre obsession of yours. It is the greatest desire of ALL teams to have youth pan out as players. It allows for monies to be spent to purchase expensive a valuable free agents, and is a positive motivator for other kids in the farm system. Why do you seem to HATE players we've grown who ALL teams would love to have? To me it's the very worst form of partisanship...that is that you want so badly to win YOUR argument, that you actually are rooting AGAINST both Ells and Lowrie.

    You are, of course, perfectly entitled to your opinions. But how can one take you seriously if even in the face of objective data you refuse to relent? It's like the radical liberals who cling foolishly to the notion that the welfare state of the '60's,'70's, and early '80's was a GOOD thing, in spite of overwhelming evidence that it destroyed generations of families in America by imprisoning them in poverty.

    It is a wise man who chooses to cling to the truth over all else, even if that truth conflicts with what you WISH were true. Carpe Veritas man! Seize the Truth!!!
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    Hi I'm Softlaws

    Spoken like the right wing dude you are, yet another reason to disagree with you. I dont like Obamam he reminds me of Deval, but he is going to win and making fun of him is not going to solve crap. What this country needs to do is unite not devide any deeper. I could careless if his name was Bullwinkle fix the problems!

    Back to you~
    Bad President, Bad nomination, Bad VP Choice, Bad Congress, Bad House, and bad baseball choices . . . . .your running on empty. Face it you made a fool of yourself on the Ellsbury Lowrie thing and by support the right you look even worse. Your probably wondering why can't Bush have a third term so he can finish us off with the second great depression but hey you probably own oil wells and go hunting with chenney.

    Deregulation worked out huh? 8 years a sleep at the switch worked out. Dont even get me started on the SEC. don't even say tax and spend when you realize that the LARGEST tax increases in HISTORY have come through Bush Regan white houses. Sorry it dont add up. Tax and spend is on the right no left. Only balanced budjet happebed with slick willy "Bill Clinton". 5 Trillion Dollar Surplus! Best Economy in the History of US. So he did a White House Aid. Bush stole $10 Billion a month to settle Dad's War, tried bankrupting the country, created false economy, ignored the Kitra victoms, didnt finish Afgan war, stole two elections and ripped many civil liberties away with Patriot Act and got 4000 Americans killed and 30,000 wounded. Keep talking.

    Lugo worked out huh? 40 errors in 240 games brutal.

    You talk about wins and loses, keep in mind one stat~

    Crisp Sox were 4-3 when he starts playoff game
    Ellsbury Sox 8-0 when he starts playoff game